Zero Waste Shops

Zero Waste Shops
December 2, 2017 Christina Mullin

Dozens have opened and many more are coming. Each Zero Waste shop is unique. In Zurich, Switzerland, FOIFI launched 2 months ago and is making a huge splash. FOIFI is both a bulk grocery store and café. You fill reusable containers and pay by the weight. They sell “ugly produce” and the price is “pay what you feel.” You can buy products here to help reduce your waste too. Almost everything they sell is local, and a lot is delivered by bike. They even have beer, wine, and gin on tap. The shop is building a community where people can come together and learn to live more zero waste and environmentally friendly.

 Check out Nu Grocery in Ottawa/Canada,

Unpackaged in United Kingdom and The source of bulk foods in Australia.


Also, BePakt is an amazing resource. They have compiled an Index of Packaging-Free (Zero-Waste) Supermarkets and Grocery Shops around the world! This list is never 100% complete, and will continue to grow as more zero waste shops open.