August 31, 2018 Christina Mullin

Woodlanders is a beautifully done film series by Costa Boutsikaris, a filmmaker from the Hudson Valley/NY, that documents the work of people who care for and depend on forests for their livelihood and well-being throughout the world. Watch episodes about ecological forestry, woodland mushroom cultivation, willow coffins, truffle hunting, acorn harvest and Japanese shiitake forestry.

Even among today’s progressive movements of local economy and food systems, the vast global knowledge of forest livelihoods and economies are mostly undervalued and undocumented. From woodcraft and nut tree cultures of ancient Europe, to mushroom and forest medicines of Asia, there are many fascinating ways for creating sustainable economies from the forests while maintaining their ecological health and complexity. While filming INHABIT, his 2015 documentary, Costa fell in love with woodland cultures and felt called to research further. Over the past year he began to create an accessible archive of these stories and is now sharing this inspiring world with you. Sustainable relationships with forests regenerate and protect these wild places while also offering livelihoods to humans. Each episode focuses on a person or culture who has a sustainable relationship and/or livelihood with a forest. Join him on the journey and learn how much forests can offer.

WOODLANDERS is a 100% CROWD-FUNDED film series documenting forest cultures around the world. It is only made possible by donations, truly by the people for the people!

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Watch Woodlanders here