Winter 2020/21 Almanac

Dear Friends,

I have been publishing my almanac since 2009 and it has been such a wonderful experience for me and I hope for you also.

This quarterly issue of the almanac will be my last.

When I first came up with the idea of the almanac, it was to be a platform where I could share interesting, helpful and inspiring stories and resources as well as positive news about the environment. I hope that I have fulfilled that for you.

My newsletter will continue and I’ll send one out every once in a while, so please sign up so we can stay in touch.

Onwards to the Winter Issue!

So many things I love are being featured in this issue, like the story about why bees bite leaves to the bee loving Electric Daisy Farm (the name alone is brilliant) in England.

This past year was a busy one at my organic mini River’s Edge Farm, especially since I discovered all sorts of wild edibles in the adjacent woodland. I also established a medicinal herb garden where I am growing my own medicine and harvested enough vegetables that I could donate a weekly bundle to my local food pantry, the Recovery Kitchen in Hudson, NY.

I have also added many new products to my online store. I hope you like them.

Over the years it’s wonderful to see how solutions to our environmental problems are working, from water scarcity to reducing plastic waste. The lack of available water prompted the creation of an ice stupa in India, and Algramo, a mobile refill station for house cleaning products using reusable containers.

Because I’m a darner of socks and moth bitten sweaters, I was thrilled to read a recent article in the Financial Times about wearing your repaired sweaters with pride. Another phenomenon that is growing in popularity, are Repair Cafés. Even though I haven’t been to one yet, they are making it easier to hold on to things you love, therefore reducing waste.

The artist featured cares deeply for the environment and uses his art to raise awareness about the effects of climate change, and the film that I recommend is beautifully made by photographer and director Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

The Gamechanger was mentioned in a post in the almanac Fall Issue. She is a remarkable woman who is doing such important work as a food justice activist, amongst other things.

Are you a Citizen Scientist? Find out how to be one. Join in sharing data on wildlife in areas where universities don’t have funding to send naturalists.

As you read/scroll through the almanac, you’ll find several books I recommend, some for adults and others for children and adults to enjoy together. A book I recommended a few years ago has published the first major update about solutions to climate change, which you can download for free.

For everyone interested in natural treasures, The Cabinet of Green Curiosities has three new additions: a mushroom egg, golden chrysalis and tixinda. In addition, learn why Trees aren’t resting during the winter, even though they may look like they are.

To finish off, I shared two recipes I really love and have made several times already: a lentil soup and a butternut squash gratin.I’ve also shared a health tip that I just learned recently about why we should soak rice before cooking it and another tip about trusted organic and sustainable food brands, several which I love.

Even though this is my last almanac, I’m not disappearing and will continue to share via my newsletter (please sign up!) and on social media, instagram in particular. I’m excited about new projects in their developing phase, so stay tuned.

The journey continues….

Wishing you and your family the very best for the holidays and the New Year (which can’t be here soon enough!) and may you and your loved ones always be healthy.

Be safe and be well,


  • Eco News, Nature News, Tree News, Winter 2020/2021 Almanac

    Bees Bite Plants

    Did you know… that bumblebees force plants to flower by biting their leaves.

  • Eco News, Winter 2020/2021 Almanac

    Repair Café

    A repair café is a meeting place in which people repair household electrical and mechanical devices, computers, bicycles, clothing, and other items.

  • Eco News, Nature News, Winter 2020/2021 Almanac


    We are so enchanted by flowers it’s easy to forget they don’t give a fig what we think about them, because the audience they are really trying to please isn’t human.

  • Eco Garden, Eco News, Nature News, Winter 2020/2021 Almanac

     River’s Edge Organic Mini Farm

    This past year, I foraged daily for wild edibles in the forest garden, planted a medicinal herb garden where I am growing my own medicine and grew an abundant amount of food in the enclosed vegetable garden.

  • Eco News, Shop, Winter 2020/2021 Almanac

    Welcome to My Store!

    In my store, you will find an eclectic ever-evolving range of my favorite lifestyle products, one of kind finds and limited editions from my studio.

  • Eco Tip, Winter 2020/2021 Almanac

    PW Tip #2: Soak Rice

    Soaking rice before cooking it actually assimilates its nutritional qualities.

  • Eco Tip, Winter 2020/2021 Almanac

    PW Tip #1: Trusted Food Brands

    These responsible, conscientious companies offer nutritional foods produced in sustainable ways.

  • Eco News, Winter 2020/2021 Almanac

    The Drawdown Review

    Did you know that The Drawdown Review was released this year. It represents the second seminal publication and the first major update about solutions to climate change.

  • Artist, Winter 2020/2021 Almanac

    Blane St. Croix

    In his work, Blane St Croix explores the geopolitical landscape through sculpture, installation, and work on paper.

  • The Cabinet Of Green Curiosities, Winter 2020/2021 Almanac


    Tixinda is a sea snail that is milked by Mixtec dyers from Oaxaca, Mexico.

  • Sustainable Design, Winter 2020/2021 Almanac

    Soap on Tap

    A startup called Algramo that is targeting plastic waste has arrived in NYC. Algramo is self-service, cash-less and touch-less, and allows you to buy as much cleaning product as you need.

  • Bird News, Nature News, Winter 2020/2021 Almanac


    The pandemic has turned an increasing number of Americans into citizen scientists.

  • Eco News, Winter 2020/2021 Almanac

    Wear your Repairs with Pride

    Inside the modern mending movement.

  • Book, Winter 2020/2021 Almanac

    Repair Revolution: How Fixers Are Transforming Our Throwaway Culture By John Wackman and Elizabeth Knight

    Every year, millions of people throw away countless items because they don’t know how to fix them.

  • Eco News, Nature News, Winter 2020/2021 Almanac

    Ice Stupa

    What do you do when the snows you depend on for water are melting too quickly, and glaciers have receded high into the mountains?

  • The Cabinet Of Green Curiosities, Winter 2020/2021 Almanac

    Golden Chrysalis

    The chrysalis is covered in a shiny, golden cuticle with a metallic-like appearance.

  • Nature News, The Cabinet Of Green Curiosities, Winter 2020/2021 Almanac

    Egg Mushroom

    Egg shaped puffball (Lycoperdaceae sp.)

  • Tree News, Winter 2020/2021 Almanac

    Winter Trees

    You may think that trees are doing absolutely nothing in the winter, but in fact, winter is a big growing season for them.

  • Almanac, Gamechanger, Winter 2020/2021 Almanac

    Leah Penniman

    Leah Penniman is a Black Kreyol educator, farmer/peyizan, author, and food justice activist.

  • Book, Winter 2020/2021 Almanac

    Fragile: Birds, Eggs and Habitats By Colin Prior

    Birds’ eggs are true wonders of the natural world: they are strong enough to protect the embryo as it grows and to withstand incubation by the parent, yet sufficiently fragile to allow the chick to hatch.

  • Book, Winter 2020/2021 Almanac

    In the Garden by Emma Giuliani

    Marvelous wonders await in this extraordinary garden book. From season to season, children follow the life of a garden as each page reveals new treasures hiding under lift-up flaps.

  • Eco Cinema, Winter 2020/2021 Almanac

    HUMANS and The Land

    Farming and farmers are the heart of Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s work.

  • Book, Winter 2020/2021 Almanac

    Seeds and Trees: A children’s book about the power of words By Brandon Walden

    It’s time to tell a special tale that will warm the hearts of readers of all ages.

  • Book, Winter 2020/2021 Almanac

    The Story of Trees: And How They Changed the World

    The Story of Trees takes the reader on a visual journey from some of the earliest known tree species on our planet to the latest fruit cultivars.

  • Book, Winter 2020/2021 Almanac

    Who Cares Wins: Reasons for Optimism in our Changing World by Lily Cole

    A rousing call to action, this book will leave you feeling hopeful that we can make a difference in the midst of an age of turmoil, destruction, and uncertainty.

  • Recipe, Winter 2020/2021 Almanac

    Lentil & Cavolo Nero Soup

    Easy to make, delicious, healthy and if you have kale in the garden, then you are set!

  • Recipe, Winter 2020/2021 Almanac


    Delicious and slightly naughty (blame the heavy cream), this easy to make dish is so satisfying during these winter months. Enjoy!