Winter 2017/18 Almanac

Welcome to the Winter Issue 2017-2018! My inspiration for health and happiness centers on all of us living a life that is beneficial to Earth, our communities, and ourselves. That includes all animals, plants, and each of the seven billion humans. My work continues to focus on concepts that apply to all beings, food, water, waste, clean energy, nature, and our health and well-being. In my own life, I continue to learn how to live a simpler and more conscious life, wasting less, working for something I believe in, and living a life that benefits others.

I have to confess, that when I read the project, it brought tears to my eyes. is a digital and archive project where people share letters, photos and videos to their children, family or future self about their promise to take action on climate change. Join me in supporting this crowdfunded project Thank you Star Childs of for sharing this very special project with me.

It’s hard reading awful stories about potentially catastrophic environmental issues. But, increasingly, good humans are getting involved and reversing the damage we have done. We need to support the important work they are doing, even if it’s not happening next door, it still affects all of us. Like this story, from Mexico’s Baja California and then there is a Q-tip work in progress.

Paul McCartney narrates a video about an issue that involves a lifestyle change we all can make, directed by a favorite director of mine, Yann Arthus-Bertrand and after you have watched it, I hope that you’ll find the 3 plant based recipes I posted very tempting!

I’m so excited about all the Zero Waste stores opening up all over Europe! Read about what’s happening. You’ll also learn about a great resource on how to find a store near you. I also found out about a fantastic way to recycle the shipping boxes from Amazon and other online retailers.

In case you have ever wondered about alternatives to traditional burial, there is a growing support and interest for a greener choice-I hope that this environmentally friendly choice will grow and become the norm rather than the exception.

Dear bird lovers: Do you know when is the best time to trim your trees and bushes, which in turn benefits birds? Also, in NYC, there is an Audubon Mural Project. ePost link –which is raising awareness about endangered bird species.

The three latest additions to The Cabinet of Green Curiosities are super cool: silk thread made from a mussel; an unusual source for leather and scallions used as photo paper. If you have been following my instagram feed, occasionally I’ll post an image I took in Druid’s Corner. Find out what it is…

Did you know that the artists profiled in this issue, raises bees and grows his own food? He is amazing! He even makes a homemade recipe for the bees, which he adds to the hives in the winter, so that the bees don’t starve. And since I love art so much, and not just the artists that I profile in each issue, sometimes I even get to visit their studios-,

I posted two very different blogs, the first about the health benefits of wearing gloves while driving or outdoors and the second one is about a man who went to extremes to raise awareness about waste, like wearing his trash.

Three resources you should know about if you don’t already: Raisin, Happy Cow and Local Harvest, are profiled in PW Tipsand since it’s ‘Tis The Season time of year, learn about where to find a pesticide-free Christmas tree, where to rent a live tree and where to recycle your conventional holiday lights.

Please take a few minutes to watch these 2 short films that I chose for this issue. They are very different from each other but both wonderful! and if you prefer to read, the books profiled in this issue are great reads for you or for a loved one or a loved little one.

When you read my garden calendar for the months of December, January and February, you’ll notice that I have changed how I’m posting photos. I want to focus on what produce is in season that month, so that we all make an effort to buy it. Why? Fruits and vegetables eaten in season have a much higher nutrient value- link to dec garden calendar

We know that lighting a candle won’t pay the bills, put food on the table but it can help us keep perspective and remember to celebrate the light in each other through the year to come.

Wishing you and yours a very happy holiday season and best wishes for the New Year!

See you again in March, for the Spring Issue!