Winter 2016/16 Almanac

January 2016 marks the 7th year of! My message over the years has always been the same: if we can learn to live a more sustainable lifestyle by wasting less, paying closer attention to what we eat, eating a more plant based diet and reducing our exposure to toxins by the products we use at home, I hope that together, we can inspire others to do it as well. Continue to use your buying power to change the world! Recently, I shared some of my thoughts about my lifestyle and my work with Brandettes:

I’m so thrilled that my book LOLA Lots of Love Always is hitting a nerve with so many readers. It speaks to all of us who care so much about our children and their choices, their future and the planet’s. LOLA is the perfect gift for a young woman in your life and is available in these stores, at Stories Books and Café in Echo Park/CA, deKor&Co in Ojai/CA and in New York City, at Mcnally Jackson Books, as well as in my own store online and on Amazon.

Come and join me on Saturday, December 12th, at Rumba at 1740 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica! I’ll be signing LOLA books from 2 to 5pm!

When it’s the holiday time of year, I have often found it difficult to get inspired about what to give a loved one, because there are just so many choices! To make it easier for you and myself, I just posted the latest products I added to my store. I would like most of them, so that should make it easy for anyone whose list I’m on! Visit

The gorgeous Mandala on the cover of this issue is just one of the beautiful mandalas in a 2016 calendar available right here.

The United Nations Climate Change Conference is happening right now in Paris. Until December 11th, environmentalists from around the world will be there to give their voices in support of a true emission-reduction accord from this gathering of world leaders. To get the latest news visit here.

I read several interesting articles recently. One of them titled “To raze or recycle: the challenge of recycling buildings” discusses the merits and challenges of saving historic buildings such as gasworks, silos and even public toilets, that can be repurposed into homes. If you are interested in reading more about ruins reborn, this piece from Bridgeport, CT visit here.

I always find it so inspiring to read news stories about how polluted areas are being cleaned up and reborn. This story is about a floating garden that cleans as it grows in one of most polluted waterways in US, the Gowanus canal in NYC.

This start up in Oakland, California is so fantastic! They sell ‘imperfect’ produce to reduce waste, such as the six billion pounds of produce that ends up in our overfilled landfills. Imperfect Produce has a home delivery program of fruits and vegetables at 30 to 50% less than grocery store prices.

Feeling the risks due to climate change, this Danish city, which is surrounded by water, is taking steps to reduce flooding but also to be free of carbon emissions in 15 years. They are following a plan called Project Zero, an aggressive master plan that will see the city shift away from natural gas and oil and toward renewable energy sources and wind power.

The bad news: plastic waste is making its way into our seafood, The good news: you can help reduce your exposure when filleting the fish, by removing the gut because it’s where plastic and fiber waste is found.

Find out 3 highly effective ways to help the hungry this and all seasons, at the end of the Almanac, found in PW’s Tips.

Mark your calendar! December 30th on PBS, watch In Defense of Food. Join fascinating and entertaining author Michael Pollan on a journey to find out what we should eat to be healthy.

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Wishing you and all your loves ones a wonderful holiday season and the happiest of New Years for 2016!

All the very best


  • Book, Winter 2015/16 Almanac

    Silent Sparks: The Wondrous World of Fireflies by Sarah Lewis

    For centuries, the beauty of fireflies has evoked wonder and delight. Yet for most of us, fireflies remain shrouded in mystery.

  • Book, Winter 2015/16 Almanac

    The Animals of Farthing Wood by Colin Dann

    Fox, Badger, Toad, Tawny Owl, Mole, and the other animals band together and leave their ancestral home and set off to move to a far-away nature reserve.

  • Book, Winter 2015/16 Almanac

    Do Unto Animals by Tracey Stewart

    The more we know about the animals in our world and the better we care for them, the better our lives will be.

  • Book, Winter 2015/16 Almanac

    Ephemeral Works by Andy Goldsworthy

    On an almost daily basis, Andy Goldsworthy makes art using the materials and conditions he encounters.

  • Recipe, Winter 2015/16 Almanac

    Winter Spice Gluten-Free Cake

    This recipe creates a cake that is dense, orangey, and spicy with cinnamon and cloves.

  • Recipe, Winter 2015/16 Almanac

    Shaved Brussels Sprouts, Meyer Lemon and Quinoa Salad

    ‘Tis the season for Meyer Lemons and Brussels sprouts!

  • Gamechanger, Winter 2015/16 Almanac

    Mark Ruffalo

    Like most eco activists, actor Mark Ruffalo didn’t grow up as one, but became one when he found out about possible hydrofracking happening near his family home in upstate New York.

  • Artist, Winter 2015/16 Almanac

    Peter Von Tiesenhausen

    I would love to walk through artist and eco activist Peter von Tiesenhausen’s land, where artwork emerges as if summoned from the ground up.

  • Eco Cinema, Winter 2015/16 Almanac

    Racing To Zero

    Racing To Zero is a quick-moving, upbeat documentary presenting new solutions to the global problem of waste.

  • Sustainable Design, Winter 2015/16 Almanac

    Eco-Home Inside A Greenhouse

    It’s an innovative, out-of-the-box and under-the-greenhouse idea that not only keeps the house warm, but also protects it from weathering due to the elements.

  • Recipe, Winter 2015/16 Almanac

    Cream of Butternut Squash Soup with Lemongrass

    It should be called: The Ultimate Cold and Flu Fighting Soup!