June 4, 2020 Christina Mullin

We need your support whether it’s your voice, your social media presence or financially, to help environmental non-profits that are working to stop the next pandemic, protect wildlife and prevent more destruction of the natural environment.

Here are a few that need our help:


The Global Virome Project (GVP) is a 10-year collaborative scientific initiative to discover unknown zoonotic viral threats and stop future pandemics.

Call to action: Support their work

 Endangered species act

Is the primary law in the United States for protecting imperiled species. Designed to protect critically imperiled species from extinction as a “consequence of economic growth and development untempered by adequate concern and conservation.”

The ESA now faces an uphill battle. The Trump administration has announced it will change the way the act is applied, weakening the provisions that protect animals and plants and lessening regulations that stand in the way of development in critical habitats.

Call to action: Call your representative and tell them that you support the Endangered Species Act.

 Protect public lands from being developed

Our public lands – millions of acres of forests, mountains, rivers, and plains – are a part of who we are. Right now, powerful special interests and their political allies are waging an aggressive campaign to sell off public lands in the west. They want to see our national lands privatized for short-term gain, at the expense of our shared American inheritance. This public land heist threatens hundreds of millions of acres of national forests, rangelands, wildlife refuges, parks, wilderness areas, and historic sites, but it also threatens the fundamental American notion that our public lands belong to everyone.

They exist for the good of all, not the profit of a few.

Call to action: Sign the petition on their site. Call your local representative and tell them that public lands are not for sale. Join the effort on social media by posting #publiclands

Be Informed:  Here is a list of another 7 wonderful charities that advocate for our precious environment.

 Be informed: An important read.

 Be Informed: The current administration is reversing 100 Environmental Rules.

 Here’s the Full List.

Do whatever you can as often as you can and spread the word.