Vegetables Warriors

Vegetables Warriors
March 1, 2015 Christina Mullin

These are the vegetable warriors in my garden. They are the ones that have survived year after year, are available most of the year, and require  very little attention except for the basics: water and sun. Some get only occasional water and others are only halfway in the sun, but once they are established, they are there for the long term.

I pick them as often as I can and give lots away to friends

Sorrel leaves get pulsed in a mini blender with olive oil and added to  omelettes

Kale goes in green smoothies, turned into kale chips or added to sauteed vegetables or chopped in salads

Mint is picked often for delicious mint tea

Rosemary is added to cooking, or left in a bundle in the kitchen, on the dining table or in office because I love how it smells. Bundles are added to the fireplace for the wonderfully smelling fires

Oregano gets chopped and added to tomato sauces

Honorable mention: Swiss Chard is seasonal but keeps on reappearing without my help either

Which ones are the Vegetable Warriors in your garden?

I would love to know!