Vegetables, Lentils and Brown Rice

Vegetables, Lentils and Brown Rice
March 30, 2015 Christina Mullin

One of my favorite meals is the kind I make from whatever vegetables and grains I have left in my refrigerator. This meal is not only satisfying in every way, but also nutritious, gluten-free, and reduces the waste my household produces by not throwing out leftover vegetables. The ingredients I always have on hand are olive oil, coconut oil, onions and garlic, and assorted dry spices. I start by slicing half on onion and sautéing it in coconut oil in a cast iron skillet for 2 minutes. Then, I add either broccoli or/and cauliflower florets, bean sprouts or/and zucchini, spinach or/and kale (I pick this from my garden), Brussels sprouts and fresh or dried shiitake mushrooms*, a handful of cooked grains such as lentils, brown or wild rice and a handful as well of chopped walnuts. A pinch of turmeric or berbere spice is always nice.

While cooking, a tablespoon of olive oil added keeps things cooking nicely and not drying up. Add more if you need to. I add the cooked grains, spinach, and chicken at the very end, just to warm them up

Add your favorite vegetables, cut into bite size portions, and cooked chicken for some added protein. I enjoy this with a green salad on this side as well.

Would love to hear from you and what your favorite vegetable combinations are for this dish.

*Dried shiitake mushrooms need to be soaked in hot water for 20 mins, before adding to this dish.

*All ingredients used -dried and fresh- are organic.