Transition Network

Transition Network
June 2, 2020 Christina Mullin

The Transition Movement are communities coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world.

 The Transition Movement has been growing since 2005, and since the start, communities have been stepping up to address the big challenges they face by starting local.  By coming together, they are able to crowd-source solutions. They seek to nurture a caring culture, one focused on supporting each other, as groups or as wider communities.

In practice, they are reclaiming the economy, sparking entrepreneurship, reimagining work, reskilling themselves and weaving webs of connection and support.  It’s an approach that has spread now to over 50 countries, in thousands of groups: in towns, villages, cities, Universities, schools.

Watch a 2 minute video about the history of the transition network

In 2015, Zoe Moyden and Chris Bettles set off on a journey to visit Transition groups in the UK, Canada and the US to document them for a film. They were welcomed by Transition groups in towns, cities, villages and deserts, who hosted them, shared their stories, their projects, their hopes and fears, their learnings. The final product of their adventure, a series of 7 short videos entitled ‘The Secret of Change,’ giving the viewer a fascinating snapshot of the Transition movement 5 years ago. It tells the stories of Transition groups whose stories we don’t hear enough of, such as Transition Joshua Tree, doing amazing work in a desert. It shows ordinary people creating new infrastructures while the world around them begins to unravel (Zoe and Chris visited California during the worst drought in its history).

Watch the trailer here

And watch all episodes here

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