This Land is Our Land

This Land is Our Land
August 30, 2017 Christina Mullin

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In the midst of California’s historic drought, Nestle Waters—the largest bottler of water in the world—is drawing millions of gallons of water a year from the San Bernardino National Forest. Nestlé’s permit expired in 1988, at which point the Forest Service should have turned off the spigot. Let’s hold Nestle accountable and ensure this shared public resource is protected for future generations.

I watched this mini doc 2 years ago, and had hoped that this issue would be resolved by now. Sadly, this is still going on.

We all must Demand that Nestlé stop bottling CA’s water!

California is facing a drought of historic proportions and while individuals are being forced to reduce their water usage, Nestlé is bottling the scarce resource straight from the heart of California’s drought and selling it for profit.

Nestlé — who extracts water from CA for its Arrowhead and Pure Life brands — is bottling from at least a dozen natural springs throughout California, including from some of the most drought-stricken areas of the state.

Nestlé has repeatedly ignored requests from local residents and activists to halt its irresponsible bottling operations, so now it’s time for state water regulators to step in. We must put an end to this madness at Nestlé before it’s too late.

“While California is facing record drought conditions, it is unconscionable that Nestlé would continue to bottle the state’s precious water, export it, and sell it for profit. As a consumer and concerned citizen, I call on you to immediately stop Nestlé’s bottling operations in California.”

Use the power of your voice, and signature and join me in supporting the Courage Campaign.

Let your local representative know how you feel and ask them to put pressure on Nestle’ as well.

Thank you!