The Secret is in the Soil

The Secret is in the Soil
August 23, 2016 admin

Japanese chef Toshio Tanabe, serves dirt-based specialties alongside oysters, truffles and risotto at his Tokyo restaurant Ne Quittez Pas. Tenable is the world’s pioneer of “soil cuisine,” and believes that soil adds a healthy natural flavor to all kinds of dishes from soups to sorbets. And what do these loamy delights taste like? Tanabes concoctions have a textured and at times mudlike edge, although the dirt itself is surprisingly neutral to the tongue.
Tanabe has been eating soil for 25 years! He says he always feels good after eating it. Today our brains have been programmed to think that soil is dirty, but that’s not true. Soil is natural and nutritious.

The soil he uses has been taken from 10 miles underground and checked in a lab for impurities—pollution, contamination, lead. So it is already very safe when he buys it. Soil is a pure living thing, a collection of microorganisms. Anything bad about it, pollution or radiation contamination, is generally caused by humans.

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