The Jellyfish Barge

The Jellyfish Barge
January 29, 2015 Christina Mullin

Growing food in a sustainable way has become a very important issue around the world. Aiming to create a low-cost alternative using recycled materials, Italian designers, Antonio Girardi and Cristiana Favretto of Studiomobile created a floating modular greenhouse that sits upon 96 repurposed plastic drums. Called Jellyfish Barge, it’s a brilliant floating greenhouse that sustains itself with sun and harvested rainwater. The fans and pumps that are necessary to the functioning of the solar stills are powered by the sun, enabling the system to collect, process and circulate up to 39.6 gallons of clean, purified water daily, be it sea water or rainwater, suitable for cultivating crops.

The idea behind it is to empower families and communities that live in coastal areas or near a body of water, to grow their own food without the need for land.


Watch a Jellyfish Barge being built.