Summer 2015 Almanac

Writing the Almanac is such a pleasure for me because I get to share all the resources and information about how we can all make healthy decisions for ourselves, our families and which ultimately benefits the planet at large. Thank you for being a loyal reader for the past 6 1/2 years or welcome if you are a new subscriber!

First for my big news: LOLA Lots of Love Always is officially released! Finally, after teasing you with updates for the past year, it’s now available on my website.

LOLA is a valuable reference book aimed at young women and yet, it’s also a good read for everyone, on how to live a sustainable lifestyle. We are all bombarded with so much confusing information about everything! The great news is that this is an exciting time for all of us because there are great options when it comes to choosing health alternatives to conventional-chemical filed products that are bad for us, and the planet. By helping each other embrace options that meet our needs and promote sustainable lifestyles, we are ensuring the ability of future generations to do the same.

This past spring, I spent some memorable times at incredible places from the stunning Flock Show at Lotusland, to the Ojai Raptor Center where I observed the important work they are doing to rehabilitate raptors so necessary to nature’s balance, and to a local Flea Market for some eco-friendly shopping. Earth Day April 22nd is always a special day in my home, as it’s celebrated every day! This year, I also posted a list of organizations that are worth supporting for the amazing work they do to better the planet.

Mark your calendars that June 21st is Father’s Day! (in the USA) It’s also the first day of summer!

Great news! California is giving solar panels to those in need.
Did you know… that the CalEarth EarthBag buildings in Nepal, withstood the earthquake? If would like to learn how to build a super adobe home, the CalEarth Institute is offering classes over the summer.

Chatting with Sacred Lifestyle magazine about what inspires me was wonderful, as was talking with Green Divas Meg on her radio show, sharing my eco tips with Architectural Digest and then LOLA got lots of love from C Magazine’s May issue. Read and listen on my press page.

In Out & About, Caroline Gladstone takes us from spring into summer in the English countryside and Karin Labby shares her love of all things tomato.

It’s so upsetting to hear how much waste the garment industry creates, and so much of it ends up in landfills around the world. Designers such as Lisa Bittan of YA Living is making a difference by collecting the ‘waste fabric,’ and turning it into a line of home products.

In case you missed these news briefs: Patagonia has launched a mobile clothing repair unit. Yes, you can bring your torn and holey garments for mending, and the new Boston Public Market is taking an inspiring stand by only selling seasonal and locally grown produce.

Wonderful news from France where large supermarkets are being forced to give away unsold food to charity.

Good news out of California which is banning the ecosystem contaminating microbeads as of 2020. Not soon enough for me… as everyone has agreed how damaging they are to the waterways. Hoping for a worldwide ban!

Have fun celebrating July 4th in the USA, which handily falls on a Saturday this year!

Wishing you a wonderful summer and see you back in September!

All the best


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