Stewards of the Ocean

Stewards of the Ocean
November 29, 2017 Christina Mullin

As fish populations crash elsewhere, communities in Mexico’s Baja California are limiting catches to keep harvests bountiful, boost tourism, and preserve a way of life. Since the gulf’s only true coral reef became a no-take zone, biomass has increased by two to three times. Ecotourism in Baja brings hundreds of millions of dollars to Mexico.

Organizations like OceanConservancy need our support, because they are developing innovative solutions to save our ocean and the beautiful creatures that call it home.

Defend the Ocean! Whether you care about the Arctic, marine mammals, seabirds, endangered sea life—a piece of legislation is moving through Congress that would threaten them all. We can’t let this happen. The House of Representatives is about to vote on H.R.4239, a bill that would weaken ocean protections and intentionally pave the way for offshore oil and gas drilling.

Please join us in speaking on behalf of the ocean—take action and tell your Member of Congress to vote NO on H.R.4239.

image #2: A free diver swims with bigeye trevallies in the Gulf of California near Cabo Pulmo.

Photos by Thomas P. Peschak for National Geographic