Spring 2020 Almanac

Hello everyone,

Spring is almost here which is an especially magical time in the Hudson Valley where I live. The transformation that happens is quite extraordinary! The air is filled with the scent of blossoms, followed by the greening of the landscape.
Nature waking up from its winter slumber is a sight to behold.
Spring also means that it’s almost time to start planting. I’ll be busy in a few weeks planting my seeds, many in Homemade Pots, and using many of the seeds that I saved from last year’s best vegetables and flowers.
Some of those organic seeds are available for sale in My Store.
Do you know about a business in New York City that Saves Cut Flowers from being wasted? Or the clothing company that is helping in reducing the huge amount of Clothing Waste by offering a helpful solution?
Thank you GOOP for mentioning my work!
I recently gave a workshop at Churchtown Dairy in the Hudson Valley about the benefits of journaling, inspired by a chapter in my book LOLA.
I was thrilled by the response and thank you all for coming.
In England, a campaign is launching later this month with the aim to get people to Connect with Nature.
We could use the same plan here and in every city, town and community on the planet.
In New York State something really wonderful is happening for fish in the Hudson River and it’s 85 years overdue.
Also in upstate New York, the Oldest Fossilized Trees have been discovered. It’s a fascinating story.
The Artist featured in this issue has been creating land art for decades and draws with flowers, paints with clouds and writes with water.
The Gamechanger is extra special – check it out!

Cooking at home can often be overwhelming but these delicious, easy-to-make and healthy recipes from The Kitchen Commune I hope will make your life easier.
Here are some great reads for Adults and Children as well as Movies that inspire and educate.
Have you checked in with my recent additions to the Cabinet of Green Curiosities? I have three new stories and I promise you, they are riveting: one involves Pet Fur, the second Floating Ice and the third, Hangers.
And don’t miss the Innovative Design story. It’s all about revisiting a way of life from the past and that works very well today.
My plans over the next few months include hosting a darning class at my home and will be taught by Jenny Hampe Endresen, volunteering end of March/beginning of April at night during the amphibian Spring Migration in my area, planning an expanded pollinator garden by my vegetable garden, continuing to work on a garden book project, finding more great products to add to my store and… very exciting, designing a medicinal herb garden in the shape of a mandala while using on-site materials to build at Cuixmala in Mexico, a beautiful and entirely organic nature resort.
Please share my newsletter with your loved ones and follow my latest posts on Instagram as well as check in with my store regularly, as I keep on adding new things.

Wishing you a beautiful Spring and see you again in June

‘till then, be well and be healthy,


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    Priscilla Woolworth’s Organic Seeds

    I’m thrilled to offer for the first time a selection of organically grown seeds from my garden in the Hudson Valley. They grew in a pesticide free environment, are GMO-free, and thrived in the fertile soil.

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    Grain Free Overnight Seed Pudding

    This grain free overnight seed pudding is cool and easy. It’s also a beautiful healthy filling nourishing spring or summer breakfast dish that requires no cooking and feeds a crowd.

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    Cardamom Peach Plum Galette

    A galette is a genius solution for the stresses of pie making. Rustic and designed for imperfection it’s very easy to make and quite beautiful.

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    Yellow Squash Cacio e Pepe

    Even if you’re not on any kind of particular diet this vegetable dish has lots of tangy flavor and is full of B vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber. It’s the kind of meal you can make for yourself for lunch because it’s quick and very nutritious.

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    Climate Victory Gardens

    Around the country, people are growing food to tackle the climate crisis.

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    Make your own Biodegradable Seed Pots

    If you’re thinking about planting lots of seeds, make biodegradable seed pots. They’re easy to make and they can be transplanted right into the ground when the time comes. Plus, they’re economical!

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    Undamming the Hudson River

    Free-flowing creeks are part of what binds ecosystems together. These waterways are the circulatory system of our landscape.

  • Eco News, Nature News, Spring 2020 Almanac

    Great News! Plastic bags are banned in New York!

    Plastic Bags are Banned in New York as of March 1st, Second Statewide Ban, After California. Nature is celebrating this news!

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    PW Tip 3: Recycling a Bamboo Toothbrush

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    PW Tip 1: Reduce Clothing Waste – ThredUp

    As the largest online consignment and thrift store, thredUP is inspiring a new generation of conscious consumers to think secondhand first. A destination for millions to buy and sell secondhand apparel, thredUP helps women save more money and time for the things that matter most.

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    Free Illustrations of the Natural World

    You Can Now Download 150,000 Free Illustrations of the Natural World

  • Spring 2020 Almanac, The Cabinet Of Green Curiosities

    Nine Lives Twine

    At Nine Lives Twine, you can have your cat and dog hair spun into yarn and woven into keepsakes like scarves or hats.

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    The Joys of Nature

    The National Trust in England, is launching a series of activities to help people engage more with their natural surroundings, as new research released by the conservation charity, shows those with an active ‘engagement’ with nature are more likely to help tackle the nature crisis.

  • Eco News, Spring 2020 Almanac, Tree News

    World’s oldest known fossil forest found in Upstate New York

    The world’s oldest known fossil forest has been discovered in a sandstone quarry in the town of Cairo, in upstate New York, offering new insights into how trees transformed the planet.

  • Artist, Spring 2020 Almanac


    He draws with flowers, paints with clouds and writes with water.

  • Eco Cinema, Spring 2020 Almanac

    Protect and Restore

    Environmental activists Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot have helped produce a short film highlighting the need to protect, restore and use nature to tackle the climate crisis.

  • Eco Cinema, Spring 2020 Almanac

    The Pollinators

    Did you know that thousands of semi-trailers crisscross the country in the dead of night delivering…honeybees?

  • Spring 2020 Almanac, The Cabinet Of Green Curiosities

    Supreme Repurposing

    Crows are remarkably intelligent creatures who demonstrate complex skills like the ability to manufacture and use tools, remember human faces, and use individual experience to predict, plan and adapt to their environment.

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    You are the Gamechanger!

    You are engineering positive change by the choices you make every day and each one is making a difference!

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    PW Tip #2: #Flowersforgood

    Flower repurposing is one of the biggest things happening in the events industry right now.

  • Book, Spring 2020 Almanac

    Trees: A Rooted History By Piotr Socha and Wojciech Grajkowski

    Part botany, part history, part cultural anthropology—Trees goes beyond the basics to tell readers everything they might want to know about this particular branch of the plant kingdom.

  • Book, Spring 2020 Almanac

    The Little Gardener by Emily Hughes

    There was once a little gardener and his garden meant everything to him.

  • Book, Spring 2020 Almanac

    I Ate Sunshine for Breakfast Hardcover by Michael Holland and Philip Giordano

    Did you know that the rubber in your shoes came from a tree?

  • Book, Spring 2020 Almanac

    Seeds and Trees: A children’s book about the power of words by Brandon Walden, Kevin and Kristen Howdeshell

    Words are powerful. They can hurt or they can heal.

  • Book, Spring 2020 Almanac

    Scraps, Wilt & Weeds: Turning Wasted Food into Plenty By Mads Refslund and Tama Matsuoka Wong

    Inventive and delicious food, made from what most people throw away, by the co-founder of the celebrated Danish restaurant, Noma.

  • Eco News, Spring 2020 Almanac

    Luffas and Lice

    While researching medicinal plants found in Mexico for a medicinal plant garden I am designing in Cuixmala, Mexico, I was astonished to read about a use for luffa…