Spring 2018 Almanac

Welcome to the Spring Issue #82! I’m excited that it’s Spring at last. I’m looking forward to the beautiful blooms, the warmer weather, more fresh produce in season at farmer’s markets and spending more time outdoors, even though springing forward for daylight savings time on March 11th may be a bit rough for a few days!

In April, I’ll be celebrating the ninth year of this Almanac Newsletter. If you have subscribed to it from the beginning, you know how much it has grown and evolved from initially being a platform to educate consumers about healthy alternatives to conventional products to over the years, becoming a trusted source of information about all the positive things happening in the environment, about all the ways you can get involved to support positive change and about the amazing people who are doing important work bettering the planet. Thank you for being a part of the Almanac tribe for all these years.

There are several special dates coming up over the next few months, whether you care about Animals March 3 , Andy Goldsworthy- his new film comes out March 9th, Trees March 21, Water March 22, the Environment April 22, Birds May 10 and Mother’s Day on May 13. These are opportunities to support the vital work of many people and organizations that are dedicated to protecting and preserving the environment.

An inspiring person, who has devoted her life to raising awareness about caring for the planet and its beautiful animals, is Dr. Jane Goodall. Send her a message or a donation as a birthday present on April 3rd by supporting the incredible work that she does. As she says “daily acts that nourish the environment, no matter what size, make a difference.” www.janegoodall.org

Do you know about the health benefits of Treespotting?

Spring time is a great time to get a head start on getting rid of plant pests such as poison ivy. Learn 6 different chemical free ways for preventing or getting rid of it. Something else I wouldn’t miss are toxic car air-fresheners! Read why they aren’t good for our health and what you can do about it.

Please stop by my shop. I did a huge spring clean and have chosen my absolute favorite products, many that I use myself and can vouch for. In my own life, I’m trying to buy less and simplify my life, reduce the waste my household produces, reduce and remove my family’s exposure to toxins in our home, reduce our use of plastic, all the while having a wonderful and healthy quality of life.

In this issue, I hope you enjoy reading the several inspiring stories from the Butterfly Whisperer in San Francisco, to Seed Spreading Collies in Chile, and the Food Pharmacy in Boston, and about the Seed Libraries that are wonderfully popping up all over the world.

As the weather warms up, it might be a nice time to try a new refreshing drink, Hibiscus Tea. Learn how easy it is to make and about it’s health benefits.

“I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.”― Edward Everett Hale

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Wishing you a beautiful Spring! See you next for the Summer Issue #83!

All the best,


  • Eco News, Spring 2018 Almanac

    Plastic-eating fungus found at a landfill site in Pakistan

    Currently, around the world, landfills are full of billions of tons of plastics. These plastics are attracting organisms that are seeking to exploit it.

  • Recipe, Spring 2018 Almanac

    Asparagus & Lemon Risotto

    This recipe is easy to make, absolutely delicious and packed with nutrients.

  • Gamechanger, Spring 2018 Almanac

    Queen Elizabeth

    Queen Elizabeth has no patience for plastic and is taking Buckingham Palace plastic free!

  • Eco Tip, Spring 2018 Almanac

    Hibiscus Flower

    The red hibiscus flower is cultivated worldwide for both its aesthetic appeal and its medicinal uses, which is in the form of tea.

  • Spring 2018 Almanac, Sustainable Design

    Food Pharmacies

    Some pharmacies are dispensing fruit and veg as well as drugs. Many medical issues have symptoms that can be managed or preventative with exercise and nutritional care, but access to things like fresh fruits and vegetables or healthy protein can be challenging for certain populations.

  • Artist, Spring 2018 Almanac

    Vincent Van Gogh

    For Vincent van Gogh, nature was the defining subject of his art. Over the course of his short but intense working life, Van Gogh studied and depicted nature in all its forms—from the minutiae of insects and birds’ nests to the most sweeping of panoramic landscapes…

  • Spring 2018 Almanac, Tree News

    Tree Spotting

    We all know that a walk in nature is a great path to tranquility. But did you know you don’t necessarily have to leave your front room to be able to reap the psychological benefits the great outdoors has to offer?

  • Spring 2018 Almanac, Sustainable Design

    The Green School

    he Green School is located in the jungle in south central Bali. Begun a decade ago by John and Cynthia Hardy, it was intended to do nothing less than create a future generation of “green leaders,” even as it would defy…

  • Recipe, Spring 2018 Almanac

    Almond Cake

    A delicious, satisfying and easy to make cake!

  • Eco Garden, Spring 2018 Almanac

    Poison Ivy

    How to get rid of POISON IVY in your garden, without using toxic herbicides.

  • Eco Tip, Spring 2018 Almanac

    Car Air Fresheners

    It’s time to stop making air fresheners for cars, and phase them out just as skin-exfoliating products were, the polluting microbead kind.

  • Nature News, Spring 2018 Almanac

    Seed Libraries

    Seed libraries provide vegetable seeds so that people can grow food they might not otherwise be able to get.

  • Eco Tip, Spring 2018 Almanac

    PW Tips for Spring!

    The two most diverse, all natural and beloved kitchen ingredients in my home!

  • Book, Spring 2018 Almanac

    Natural Gardening for Birds: Create a Bird-Friendly Habitat in Your Backyard

    A Practical Illustrated Bird Oriented Gardening Book with Great Reference Charts. Bird watchers everywhere dream of a landscape dotted with fruiting shrubs nests tucked into twining vines and birds flocking to feeding stations.

  • Book, Spring 2018 Almanac

    100 Plants to Feed the Bees: Provide a Healthy Habitat to Help Pollinators Thrive

    The international bee crisis is threatening our global food supply, but this user-friendly field guide shows what you can do to help protect our pollinators.

  • Book, Spring 2018 Almanac

    Children’s Book: Bertolt

    This is a charming, touching story about an imaginative boy whose best friend is an oak tree named Bertolt.

  • Animal News, Spring 2018 Almanac

    Border collies

    Border collies run like the wind to bring new life to Chilean forest.

  • Spring 2018 Almanac

    May 13, 2018: Mother’s Day

    Go for a walk in nature!

  • Eco Cinema, Spring 2018 Almanac

    Leaning into the Wind

    Riedelsheimer’s exquisite film illuminates Goldsworthy’s mind as it reveals his art.

  • Spring 2018 Almanac

    The Butterfly Whisperer

    Described as “the butterfly whisperer,” Tim Wong, is an aquatic biologist at the California Academy of Science (in San Francisco), who spends his free time working to bring back the California Pipevine Swallowtail butterfly.