Sebastian Copeland

Sebastian Copeland
November 21, 2018 Christina Mullin

Sebastian Copeland is an award-winning photographer, polar explorer, author, lecturer, and environmental activist and has led numerous expeditions in the polar regions, to photograph and film endangered environments.

Sebastian uses photography as a medium for activism. “Helping people fall in love with their world,” he says, ”is a catalyst to wanting to save it”. His work communicates messages of urgent global significance.

For more than 10 years, Sebastian Copeland has been documenting his expeditions and adventures in the form of books, exhibitions, events and films – transforming himself and inspiring the people and organizations that he comes into contact with.
Sebastian is also the Founder and Chairman of The Sedna Foundation – a non-profit organization dedicated to raising support and awareness of the environmental issues effecting the Polar regions – and consequentially, the rest of the planet.

Sebastian won the prestigious International Photography Awards’ 2007 Professional Photographer of the Year for his first book Antarctica: A Global Warning. In 2008, Sebastian released a second book titled Antarctica: A Call To Action. His latest book Arctica: The Vanishing North was released in 2015. It won the ITB Book Award.

Just this past month, Sebastian Copeland won a Bambi Award (the German Oscars) for the Our Earth category in Germany, where he delivered a five minute speech denouncing our global apathy in the face of systemic environmental collapse to million of live viewers.

Watch his acceptance speech here, filmed by his wife Carolin.

His documentary Into the Cold was a featured selection at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festivaland was released on DVD timed to Earth Day 2011.

Watch trailer for Into The Cold: A Journey of the Soul
Watch trailer for Across the Ice: The Greenland Victory March

In post-production:

The Antartica Legacy Crossing