RePurpose ReUse ReCycle ReClaim ReInvent

RePurpose ReUse ReCycle ReClaim ReInvent
August 3, 2016 Christina Mullin

One of the main benefits of all of this Repurposing, Reusing. Recycling, Reclaiming and Reinventing is that it reduces the amount of waste that is sent to overfilled landfills around the world. We all benefit when creative ideas emerge, turning waste into something useful. All those materials that have stayed out of the dump are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from landfills, which in turn contribute to global climate change.

Some of the materials that can be turned into something else wonderful and useful are wood, metal cans, newspaper, yogurt jars, wine bottles, ladders, medicine bottles, plastic and paper bags, cardboard egg crates, an old tree fern and a globe.

Reclaimed Wood Swing, designed by Margaux and Walter Kent for Peg and Awl. The wood is from pine salvaged from antique flooring in a 19th-century home.

This Branch is now a pot holder.

Salvaged Wood planks became this coffee table.

Salvaged wood planks were used to make this outdoor dining table

Wood pallets have become a kitchen table…of sorts

Salvaged wood pallets were used for this coffee table

Coffee table in the lobby of Hotel Daniel made from stacked wood pallets and a stool make from recycled newspapers

Coffee table in the lobby of Hotel Daniel made from stacked wood pallets and a stool make from recycled newspapers

…or breakfast trays

Found wood ladders had been used for harvesting olives and are now kitchen shelves

This old wooden ladder has been reborn as a bookshelf

Former Oyster Farm wood frames are now cabinet drawer covers

A log has become a freestanding kitchen Sink

This A3-joint side table was made with waste salvaged off the street, and the glass was created out of recycled solar panels

Salvaged wood planks have been turned into an informal table top

A block of salvaged wood is now the perfect stool

Waxed paper or newspaper can be turned into pots for sprouting seeds

I save cartoons from the newspapers and use them as wrapping paper

Former medicine bottles have become containers for tiny seeds and recycled cardboard pieces are used for labels

Metal makes good plant pots

I painted these…which are also BPA free, so I don’t mind using them to grow edibles, like this Italian basil

Plastic bags have been fused together to create luminaria bags, with glass jars that contain votive candles

Upcycled brown paper bag placemats

Glass soda bottles are now olive oil and vinegar containers with reused corks

Recycled wine bottles have become unique serving spoons

or, like in my home, Glass Water Bottles

Glass yogurt jars make great tea light holders. I’ve been using the same ones for years.

Sometimes, I use glass jars as both a hanging outdoor tea light holder and for mosquito repelling incense

Cardboard egg crates make the perfect seed starter container. Once the seedlings have been thinned out, you can just plant the whole egg crate in the garden bed, and the cardboard will compost into the soil.

and a wonderful globe has become a hanging vase!