PW Tips

PW Tips
March 2, 2019 Christina Mullin



Strawberry season is coming up. When buying strawberries, choose organically grown ones for you and your loved ones. Did you know that most non-organic strawberry growers treat their fields with Methyl Bromide, a toxic chemical sterilant that kills all soil life. Strawberries are then grown in this lifeless soil, fed with synthetic fertilizers and treated with any of the 65 pesticides registered for use on the crop.

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Wood Cutting Boards

I love all my wood cutting boards and use them every day. To keep them clean and long lasting, I scrub them with hot soapy water after every use and dry them with a cloth kitchen towel before storing them away. Once a month, I’ll sprinkle a little salt on them, then rub the boards with half a lemon, rinse, and dry them. Keeps the germs away!

Freezing Bananas 

Sometimes when I buy a bunch of bananas, I can’t finish them before they start getting overripe. To reduce waste and save money, I’ve started freezing the overripe spotty ones, which have the most flavor. It’s very simple: first peel the bananas, slice them into 1 to 2-inch chunks, arrange them in a single layer on a wax-paper lined sheet pan (I just put them directly on the stainless steel pan) and freeze them. Once frozen, transfer them to a freezer safe glass container and store the jar back in the freezer Perfect for smoothies.