Priscilla Woolworth’s Organic Seeds

Priscilla Woolworth’s Organic Seeds
March 1, 2020 Christina Mullin

Priscilla Woolworth’s Organic Seeds

I’m thrilled to offer for the first time a selection of organically grown seeds from my garden in the Hudson Valley. They grew in a pesticide free environment, are GMO-free, and thrived in the fertile soil.

I grew two varieties of sunflowers: a very tall one with a large head, which is beloved by pollinators and if you don’t cut it down after it has flowered, is a good source of food for migrating birds in the fall, and a medium flower that is also beloved by bees and butterflies and is an excellent cut flower. It’s best not to plant Sunflowers in or near vegetables as their roots impede the growth of other plants.

If you love String Beans, I grew a prolific and delicious variety, which I picked daily when it was producing. Did you know that the roots of beans add nitrogen to the soil and, that they grow very well with strawberries?

The Scarlett Runner Bean is also a prolific producer and grower. Plant it at the base of a strong structure. I planted mine at the base of bamboo tipis and they supported the vines well. You can also grow them up a fence or over an arbor. Harvest the beans often as if they are left to grow larger, they don’t taste as nice.

I grew two varieties of peas: Wando, a classic pea and King Tut, which has beautiful purple pods. They both grew very well and the peas were sweet. Pick them when the pods are crunchy not dry.

The Cosmos I grew were outstanding. They love the sun and regular watering but make sure you plant yours near a support, as mine grew so tall, some of them fell over from the weight. They are beautiful, an excellent cut flower and wonderful in a pollinator garden, attracting many butterflies.

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