December 2, 2017 Christina Mullin

Pocheco is a paper company in the north of France that produces 2 billion envelopes a year. It also has a very inspiring business model.

What is their objective: Zero Waste.

They are working to reduce and reuse the waste they produce. 100% of their waste is sorted and 98 % is recycled. Everything is considered, even the cloths they use to clean the machines, are part of a recently implemented new system for supply and reuse, which will decrease even further the amount of non-recyclable waste they generate. The cloths are specially adapted for industrial cleaning and their extra resistance means they can be washed and reused 40 times! Not bad, if you consider they used to be thrown out after one use.

The celebrated Canadian astronomer and ecologist Hubert Reeves visited their site this past April. He spoke of his vision of humanity which must exist “with and not before” nature and the necessity for our species to live in symbiosis with the natural world. He declared POCHECO a “Natural Oasis” and they co-signed a charter with the Humanité et Biodiversité ONG.

The inspiring CEO of Pocheco is Emmanuel Druon, who’s approach over for the past 20 years, has been based on human relations and a long- term vision for a circular economy, or ecolonomy. By focusing on this economic model, Pocheco has experienced a reduction in workplace hazards, a reduction in pollution, and an increase in productivity. One of Druon’s innovative methods involves growing bamboo in the factory’s wastewater to feed a wood boiler that powers the unit’s central heating. Another was installing extensive green roofs on the factory, which absorb CO2 and fine particles, and provide a habitat for birds and insects like the bees that occupy their 12 beehives. Over the years, the factory has been eco-renovated and transformed into a productive and environmentally sound building.

Pocheco organizes guided visits and seminars of their site and company. You could learn how to apply ecolonomy to your company. To visit Pocheco http://www.visiterpocheco.fr/en

Pochecois featured in the must see film Tomorrow, where Druon explains how they make envelopes in a sustainable way and more. It’s fascinating viewing.