August 31, 2018 Christina Mullin


The first island in Copenhagen’s Parkipelago set sail. Over the next year, the island will be moved around the lake, open for anyone and everyone to use. It’s one of the nine islands that will makeup the parkipelago in an attempt to create more public spaces in the city.

The floating islands were designed by Australian architect Marshall Blecher and Magnus Maarbjerg from the Danish design studio Fokstrot. Each ‘island,’ dubbed CPH-Ø1, is just 215 square feet (20 square meters) and consists of a five-sided wooden platform that is hand-made from locally sourced and sustainable materials.

The islands will be open for everyone to ‘explore and conquer,’ as the project’s website says, and will be particularly special for the increasing number of kayakers, sailors, and fisherman in Copenhagen’s harbor.

Each floating island, albeit relatively small, has room to accommodate a living linden tree and a few kayakers. Blecher and Maabjerg envision that each island will host either a sauna, performance venue, a garden, a sail-in café, a diving board, and even a mussel farm.

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