On Good Land by Michael Ableman

On Good Land by Michael Ableman
January 31, 2015 Christina Mullin

On Good Land by Michael Ableman

In the heart of suburban Santa Barbara, where land is pricey and a field is worth more covered with asphalt than arugula, asparagus, and apple trees, thrives Fairview Gardens, a small organic farm managed for the past 18 years by Michael Ableman.

On Good Land, an engrossing read, chronicles the life of the 100-year-old farm — from its history to Ableman’s first glimpse of the land to the current struggle to save it from development. Blending photographs, philosophy, humor, and practical knowledge, Ableman brings the reader into the everyday world of a small farm. With him we prune peach trees, harvest peppers, journey to the farmer’s market, and fight city hall. Part memoir, part photojournalistic montage, On Good Land reveals one man’s love of the land and his struggle to protect it, and to spread the word about the importance of practicing sustainable agriculture and preserving our farms in an increasingly urban world.

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