Oatmeal, Turmeric Milk and Chia Seeds

Oatmeal, Turmeric Milk and Chia Seeds
November 30, 2016 Christina Mullin

Oatmeal, Turmeric Milk and Chia Seeds

 This is my favorite breakfast at the moment! It’s easy to make, delicious and nutritious and by adding turmeric, you get a super nutrient boost. However, it’s important that turmeric is eaten with a good fat like a dairy or nut milk and a sprinkle of fresh black pepper for the body to absorb its healing qualities.  Read more about turmeric’s medicinal properties. 

all ingredients are organic

 ½ cup of rolled oats, cooked in 1 cup of water

1 tablespoon of turmeric milk

Sprinkle of fresh ground pepper

Sprinkle of Ceylon cinnamon

1 tablespoon chopped pecans, walnuts or almonds

1-teaspoon chia seeds

and if you wish, add

½ cup fruit, bananas, fresh figs prunes or persimmons or berries (don’t mix the sweet fruits with the sub acid fruits: berries)

1. While the oats are cooking, in another small pot, warm 1 cup of milk, or nut milk with 1 teaspoon of fresh or ground turmeric. Add a sprinkle of fresh ground black pepper and a sprinkle of cinnamon and stir. Don’t let it boil. The unused portion keeps well in a glass jar, ready to use.

2. Create a small well in the top of the cooked oatmeal and add a tablespoon of turmeric milk, sprinkling the chia seeds in it. The chia seeds will plump up in the turmeric milk.

3. Add fruit and chopped nuts. Enjoy!