Noor Complex Solar Thermal Plant

Noor Complex Solar Thermal Plant
March 30, 2016 Christina Mullin

A giant solar thermal plant called the Noor complex, in Morocco, is using energy from the Sun to power the city of Ouarzazate at night. It’s such great news that Morocco has pledged to get 42% of its electricity generation from renewables by 2020 and reduce carbon emissions by an estimated 760,000 tons per year.

Morocco’s previously useless slice of the Sahara is proving a blessing for solar power because solar thermal technology only works in hot sunny countries. And while the price of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels is falling, its growing capacity to store energy is arousing greater interest. International Energy Agency expects them both to play a part in an energy revolution, which is likely to see solar as the dominant source of electricity globally by 2050.

Morocco’s leadership in this area may provide the model for other countries to follow in pursuing development of their energy sectors in a sustainable manner.

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On a smaller scale and also inspiring: The Shops at Adams Gateway, located in Los Angeles. Outside of the box thinking has produced a unique and colorful mini shopping village out of recycled and repurposed shipping containers. From disused containers has sprung an organic produce stand, a vintage clothing stand, a record shop, and more small businesses slated to open soon, all of which are benefitting the community. Repurposed shipping containers are a big trend worldwide and so much so that in Taiwan, the government hosts a shipping container architecture festival every two years!

One of these shops is Daily Organics, which is owned by Renee Gunter, who provides fresh locally grown organic produce because “ everyone deserves access to healthy GOOD food!”

That’s right.

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