Make Your Own Non-toxic Homemade Bubbles

Make Your Own Non-toxic Homemade Bubbles
August 27, 2018 Christina Mullin

Why make your own? Did you know that conventional bubble soap contains unhealthy ingredients ( dishsoap and handsoap as well), frequently contain sodium laureth sulfate, a skin irritant that is likely contaminated with known cancer causing chemicals. And most of these soaps are also antibacterial, meaning they contribute to superbugs and damage health. Since the manufacturers don’t disclose the ingredients, it’s just not possible to know what’s actually in the bubble solution.

Natural soap
Seventh Generation brand dish soap was used for this recipe, but your brand of natural dish soap should work too. Seventh Generation uses sodium lauryl (not laureth) sulfate. Sodium coco sulfate, which is derived from coconuts, should probably work too. The results from every brand might not be exactly the same, as they’re made with different surfactants.

Colored and scented bubbles
You can add some essential oils for a scented, aromatherapy version. Lavender is calming and relaxing, while lemon is invigorating. These additions are completely optional though, and your homemade bubbles will work just fine without them.

Homemade bubbles


· 1/4 cup natural dish soap

· 1 tsp glycerin (choose non-gmo coconut derived glycerin)

· 1cup filtered water

· 5-10 drops natural food coloring (optional)

· 5 drops lavender or lemon essential oil (optional)


1. In a glass jar combine the soap, glycerin, essential oil and food coloring if using. Stir the mixture thoroughly to combine.

2. Add the water and gently stir to incorporate everything. They will suds up some, but you want to avoid sudsing too much, or your bubbles won’t be as strong.

3. Store at room temperate and use liberally for lots of bubbly fun.

Excerpted from The Herbal Spoon