Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson
May 30, 2018 Christina Mullin

Jack Johnson is a singer-songwriter, environmental activist in the ecology and sustainability movement (with an ocean-centric focus), founder of the Allatonce foundation and UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador.

Johnson’s 2010-2011 To The Sea tour partnered with over 220 non-profit partners to educate fans at every concert about plastic free initiatives, sustainable local food projects, and other environmental issues.

Jack Johnson grew up surfing and playing guitar in Hawaii.  Since 2001, he has released 6 studio albums and 2 live albums that have sold over 20 million copies worldwide. His Brushfire Records label and touring crew have been leaders in the greening of the music industry and his All At Once social action network connects fans with local non-profits at each tour stop. Jack, with his wife Kim, founded the Kokua Hawaii Foundation to support environmental education in Hawaii’s schools and communities, as well as the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation to support environmental, art and music education worldwideThe total of these album and tour profit donations, along with Johnson’s personal charitable activities, have resulted in over $30 million donated to charity since 2001.

“Single use plastic is not so fantastic. We use it for a minute or two and then it sits around for a few thousand years, maybe even more and then it washes up on the shore. Just bring your own bag to the store.”

Watch his video You can’t control ithttps://jackjohnsonmusic.com/video/music-videos

About the All At Once Foundation
In 2008, Jack Johnson and crew launched All At Once, a social action network and global community based on the belief that an individual action, multiplied by millions, creates global change. All At Once provides information, tools, and motivation to empower individuals to become active in their local and world community. At the close of Johnson’s most recent From Here To Now To Youtour, All At Onceraised over $1.6 million for over 200 non-profits worldwide, and was promoted to a collective online community of over 7 million people.

At Johnson’s concerts, fans connect with All At Once non-profit partners, capture their commitment at the All At Once Photo Wall, reduce plastic waste by filling reusable bottles at water stations, and enter to win prizes. On Johnson’s recent tour, 17,800 fans took environmental action in the Village Green at the concert and more than 14,000 people took part in over 50 community service pre-show events including beach cleanups and garden work days in cities around the world.

About the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation:

100% of Jack Johnson’s 2008 tour profits were used to establish the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation, an endowment founded by Jack and his wife Kim to support environmental, art and music education now and into the future. The Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation has made over $3.5 million in donations to over 400 non-profits to date.

Visit www.AllAtOnce.org for more information.

Visit www.johnsonohana.org/for more information

Source: https://www.unenvironment.org/people/jack-johnson