Inspiring Brand: Solo New York

Inspiring Brand: Solo New York
August 30, 2020 Christina Mullin

We all know that one of the easiest ways to help the environment is by using eco-friendly bags, the kind that is reusable and washable and if only more people would pivot to eco-friendly bags, we could then cut down the number of plastic bags being manufactured and distributed all over the world. That means there will be fewer toxic chemicals released into the atmosphere, fewer resources spent on shipping and distribution, and less waste is produced in general. Plus, less waste automatically equates to fewer clean-ups, making way for a cleaner, healthier environment for all.

Have you noticed that more and more brands are making the conscious effort to adapt environmentally-friendly and sustainability practices, largely in part to save costs, do their part in saving the earth, and to hopefully pass down the practice to their consumers.

The scope of my research includes finding brands that are making a positive difference to the environment. I look for designers that integrate sustainability deep into the fabric of their products.  On one of these searches, I came across Solo New York.

They are a city-inspired designer of backpacks, which just launched the Re:cycled Collection of bags made from recycled plastic bottles, the first run of which upcycled over 90,000 bottles. In case you’re interested, the environmentally friendly manufacturing process starts with discarded plastic bottles otherwise destined for the landfill and transforms them into a high-quality and lightweight recycled PET polyester yarn. The process uses 50 percent less energy and 20 percent less water and creates 60 percent less air pollution than traditional fiber manufacturing, according to Solo New York. The main bodies of the Re:cycled Collection bags are made up of the re-spun plastic yarn; the tags, strings, and stuffing are made entirely from other biodegradable and recycled materials.

What’s more, in a bid to take its green efforts even further, the company has recently partnered with the National Forest Foundationto help restore US forests. With every bag sold from the Re:cycled Collection, the brand is planting a tree to help regrow US National forests.

Now that’s another great idea.