PW Tip #2: #Flowersforgood

PW Tip #2: #Flowersforgood
February 21, 2020 Christina Mullin

The sharing economy has trickled down to the flower industry in NYC and Los Angeles, where events happen on a daily basis and cut flowers are in demand year-round. Flower repurposing is one of the biggest things happening in the events industry right now.

Mortified by the amount of flowers that were thrown away after their weddings, sisters Aviva and Arielle Vogelstein, launched ReVased –

 which upcycles beautiful flowers – from events and elsewhere – that would otherwise be thrown out into low-cost arrangements for the home or office. For every arrangement purchased, ReVase donates flowers to a local non-profit.

How It Works


Step 1: Upcycle

ReVased picks up fresh flowers from events that would otherwise be thrown out. We also have started picking up oversupply from wholesalers, farmers, and elsewhere to reduce floral waste in other areas of the industry.

Step 2: ReVase

ReVased transforms these flowers into beautiful new arrangements.


Step 3: Subscribe

ReVased hand delivers your arrangements — at a lower cost than other online floral services.

Step 4: Donate

For every arrangement purchased, ReVased donates flowers to a local non-profit, bringing joy to recipients at facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, and women’s shelters.