Find a Sit Spot

Find a Sit Spot
May 30, 2018 Christina Mullin

What is a sit spot?

It’s simply a special place in nature where you are comfortable sitting quietly and observing the nature around you. You develop a strong sense of place by just being present, by getting eye-to-eye with nature, by spending some time just sitting and noticing.

A Sit Spot could be place in the woods, in your local park, or in your garden, which has a spot where you can sit down, and which you can easily visit regularly, throughout the seasons.

Maintaining a sit spot is one of the most profound activities you can undertake. It hones your observational skills, helping you learn about the woods, and how the forest or trees change.

When you are at your sit spot, don’t bring any distractions with you like cameras or cell phones and just try and stay in one place for 5 minutes, working up to 20 minutes. Observe with your senses: what you see, hear, smell, feel and touch. The more you can visit, the larger the benefits. It’s  nourishment for the soul.

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Bearing witness to the changes of one spot over time is a truly remarkable experience that few humans experience in the fast paced and technology heavy world we currently occupy.