Fall 2018 Almanac Cover Image

Fall 2018 Almanac Cover Image
August 31, 2018 Christina Mullin

NATURAL TREASURES FEATURED ON THE COVER FOR THE FALL ISSUE 2018. Most were found on site, near my house.

1- River rocks – from the river
2-Fiddlehead fern – found in the woods
3- First chicken egg – grateful for the fresh eggs every morning
4- Tree bark- from a Sycamore tree by the river
5-Owl pellet – found in the field late last fall, when the grasses had died down
6-Hornet’s nest, left – under the eaves of the garage
7- Pine cones – from the giant Norway spruce by the house
8- White Oak leaf – where there are white oak trees, there could be morel mushrooms (in the spring)
9-Dried allium flower head – bought at Hudson Farmers Market
10- Teasel – found from a fallen plant by the river
11- Tomatillo skin – from one bought at the Hudson Farmers Market
12- Turkey Tail medicinal mushroom – found in the woods
13- Lichen – found everywhere in the woods
14- Guinea Hen feather – found at Cornelia Guest’s Artemis Farm Rescue
15- De-seeded dried Mexican hat flower – from the garden
16- Dried seed head Mexican hat flower – from the garden
17- Golden Oyster mushroom – found growing on a rotten log in the woods
18- Shagbark Hickory Nut – collected from a tree near the house
19- Moss – found everywhere in the woods
**I experienced technical difficulties with my computer and, I was unable to finish numbering the images, but they should be as follows:
20- Fern – found everywhere in the woods
21- Acorn – found here and there
22- Hickory nut – outer skin removed
23- Seed Pod – flower yet to be identified