Ethical Evergreens

Ethical Evergreens
December 3, 2017 Christina Mullin

If you are buying a real Christmas tree this month, did you know that you could have one that is pesticide-free and organic? Go to or try to find one in your area.

In case you are considering buying an artificial tree, it takes 7.3 pounds of plastic to make one made-in-China typical artificial tree and a consumer must reuse that tree for 20 years before it has a lower carbon footprint than a real tree. Consider buying or even renting a live tree that will be replanted after the holidays, or saved for you the following year. The average conifer absorbs 1 ton of carbon over 60 years, making the air we breathe a whole lot cleaner.

Find out where you can rent one here: (they are sold out this year, but you can book one early for next year) or try

(Both of these are only for California residents) Google search for a company in your area. If you live in France, try Botanic or Treezmas

Recycling your Christmas tree has never been easier. There are 4000 tree-recycling centers nationwide. To find one in your area, go to Your tree will be turned into nutrient rich compost or water saving wood chips for someone’s garden.

You can also recycle your conventional decorative lights (use LED energy efficient Christmas lights and reduce your electricity costs by 80%) at
Happy Holidays!