Ecosystem Restoration Camps

Ecosystem Restoration Camps
November 30, 2019 Christina Mullin

Ecosystem Restoration Camps are hubs of restoration activity where campers can work together with the local community to actively implement restoration strategies while learning restoration techniques that can be applied in other areas. Ecosystem restoration reverses ecological degradation, mitigates climate change, restores biodiversity while benefiting local communities

The Ecosystem Restoration Camps Foundation is a Dutch non-profit foundation with hundreds of members from over 30 countries around the world. Launched in 2017, with Camp Altiplano, the first Ecosystem Restoration Camp in Spain, currently there is a camp on every continent. Their aim is to open 100 camps by 2030.

 Camps are located in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico; Murcia, Spain; Bolivia; Greyton, South Africa; Uthia Forest in Thailand and Camp Paradise in Paradise, California, which is the world’s first ecosystem restoration disaster response camp.

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