August 28, 2018 Christina Mullin

Ecosia is a search engine, and when you use it to search the web, they plant trees. Searching with Ecosia is like searching with any other search engine, with one major difference. We use the profit we make from your searches to plant trees where they are needed most.

How it works:

1-You search the web with Ecosia

2- Search ads generate income for Ecosia

3- Ecosia uses this income to plant trees, 36 million so far

The following is one of the many inspiring stories on the Ecoasia site. This one is about Moses, who used to produce charcoal. Now he’s saving chimps by planting trees.

People change. Sometimes in the best, and most surprising ways.

We met Moses in Uganda while visiting our reforestation project. The nursery he’s managing there helps to sustain the local chimp population. Here’s how: the trees that Moses is growing (and that your searches are funding) are planted along rivers that connect existing forest patches. Thanks to these ‘forest corridors’, chimpanzees can safely roam from one forest to the next when foraging for food or searching for mates.

Before the forest corridors were planted, chimpanzees regularly came into conflict with local farmers. As their natural habitat dwindled, the great apes started to venture into agricultural fields, in search for food. Many chimps were shot by farmers, and their babies were sold into the illegal pet trade. The forest corridors Moses is helping to plant have dramatically improved this tragic situation because the chimps no longer need to leave their forest.

Watch a video about Moses