Eco Tips Spring 2017

Eco Tips Spring 2017
February 27, 2017 Christina Mullin

#1 Olive Oil

Not all olive oil is created equal. It’s so disappointing that many popular olive oil brands are fake olive oil. Thankfully, there are several trusted brands available, like the one I use.
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#2 Salt

Not all salt is created equal. The oceans are so polluted with plastic waste, which has been found in the salt that is harvested. The highest amount of micro-plastics is found in sea salt. A healthier choice is Himalayan salt or REAL mineral salt from Utah.
Read more about it.

#3 Honey

Not all honey is created equal. 75% of the honey sold is ultra-processed, with all its medicinal properties gone and where unhealthy corn and sugar syrup has been added. Choose honey from farmers markets, co-ops, and natural stores. Make sure it is raw, 100% pure and from a trusted source.
To read more and one more.