Eco Tips

Eco Tips
September 1, 2020 Christina Mullin

#1  Freeze Onions and Garlic

Slice or chop onions and put them in freezer bags or to avoid plastic, freezer jars. Freezing the amount you typically use for a recipe in one container rather than a giant portion is easier when it comes time to use the produce.

With the onion pieces and with whole, peeled cloves of garlic, toss them lightly in a very small amount of olive oil first which helps to reduce any freezer burn.

#2  Clean Cosmetics

Do you know about Beat the Microbead app? It helps you avoid cosmetics that contain plastic, by enabling you to check if a product contains microbeads simply by scanning its barcode with your smartphone camera. The app has localized product listings, and new countries keep being added.

The health impacts of plastic in all its forms should be a major concern for all of us. We are exposing ourselves to chemicals that are proving to be dangerous to our health and to the health of our fellow species.

More info at

#3 Explore the Outdoors with these apps

While exploring the wonders of the outdoors, learn to identify what you see. Here are some favorites:

Birds: Audubon and ebird

Insect Identifier: Insect ID  and Picture Insect

Trees/Plants/Flowers: PictureThis and  PlantNet

Animal Tracks: iTrack wildlife pro

Wild Mushrooms: PictureThis