• Nature News, Spring 2020 Almanac

    PW Tip #2: #Flowersforgood

    Flower repurposing is one of the biggest things happening in the events industry right now.

  • Book, Spring 2020 Almanac

    Trees: A Rooted History By Piotr Socha and Wojciech Grajkowski

    Part botany, part history, part cultural anthropology—Trees goes beyond the basics to tell readers everything they might want to know…

  • Book, Spring 2020 Almanac

    The Little Gardener by Emily Hughes

    There was once a little gardener and his garden meant everything to him.

  • Book, Spring 2020 Almanac

    I Ate Sunshine for Breakfast Hardcover by Michael Holland and Philip Giordano

    Did you know that the rubber in your shoes came from a tree?

  • Book, Spring 2020 Almanac

    Seeds and Trees: A children’s book about the power of words by Brandon Walden, Kevin and Kristen Howdeshell

    Words are powerful. They can hurt or they can heal.

  • Book, Spring 2020 Almanac

    Scraps, Wilt & Weeds: Turning Wasted Food into Plenty By Mads Refslund and Tama Matsuoka Wong

    Inventive and delicious food, made from what most people throw away, by the co-founder of the celebrated Danish restaurant, Noma.

  • Eco News, Spring 2020 Almanac

    Luffas and Lice

    While researching medicinal plants found in Mexico for a medicinal plant garden I am designing in Cuixmala, Mexico, I was…

  • Eco News, Winter 2019/20 Almanac

    Perspectives in Farming with Nature, 11/16/19

    What can wild nature do for food production and how can food production help wild nature?

  • Book, Winter 2019/20 Almanac

    Garden Revolution by Larry Weaner

    Larry Weaner is an icon in the world of ecological landscape design, and now his revolutionary approach is available to…

  • Eco News, Nature News, Winter 2019/20 Almanac

    Refuse Gourmet Teabags

    Since billions of microplastics have been found in those silken tea bags (which are actually made of plastic), a much…

  • Recipe, Winter 2019/20 Almanac

    Tunisian Chickpeas with Swiss Chard

    Inspired by a recipe from “Mediterranean Cooking” by Paula Wolfert.

  • Recipe, Winter 2019/20 Almanac

    Lentil Soup

    This is the perfect soup to make anytime of the year but especially like to make it during the holiday…

  • Sustainable Design, Winter 2019/20 Almanac


    An innovative multi purpose waste-to-energy plant

  • Tree News, Winter 2019/20 Almanac

    Pine Cone Collectors

    Only the healthiest of cones will do, which have no curves, no sap, and no insect bore holes.

  • Artist, Winter 2019/20 Almanac

    Olafur Eliasson

    Olafur Eliasson’s is a Danish-Icelandic artist with an extensive body of work that spans sculpture, painting, photography, film and installation…

  • Gamechanger, Winter 2019/20 Almanac

    John D. Liu

    John D. Liu is a Chinese American film-maker and ecologist. Through his camera lens he underlines the importance of life,…

  • Blog, Eco News, Winter 2019/20 Almanac


    A zero waste grocery guide

  • Blog, Sustainable Design, Winter 2019/20 Almanac

    Tool Lending Library

    The Berkeley Tool-Lending Library in Berkeley, California, is part of the town’s public library system.

  • Blog, Eco News, Winter 2019/20 Almanac

    Five Foods Made From Trash

    At least 30 percent of food ends up in landfills each year in the United States. Thanks to these five…

  • Eco News, Winter 2019/20 Almanac

    Ecosystem Restoration Camps

    Ecosystem Restoration Camps are hubs of restoration activity where campers can work together with the local community to actively implement…

  • Book, Winter 2019/20 Almanac

    From Bears and Trees to Mushrooms and Bees: A Children’s Book

    For young Max summer vacation is the best time of the year.

  • Book, Winter 2019/20 Almanac

    The Girl Who Drew Butterflies: How Maria Merian’s Art Changed Science

    Bugs, of all kinds, were considered to be “born of mud” and to be “beasts of the devil.” Why would…

  • Book, Winter 2019/20 Almanac

    Emily Dickinson’s Gardening Life: The Plants and Places That Inspired the Iconic Poet

    Emily Dickinson was a keen observer of the natural world, but less well known is the fact that she was…

  • Book, Winter 2019/20 Almanac

    Strange Harvests: The Hidden Histories of Seven Natural Objects

    In this beguiling book, Edward Posnett journeys to some of the most far-flung locales on the planet to bring us…

  • Book, Winter 2019/20 Almanac

    It Starts With a Seed

    Take a journey through the season and years as we follow the seed’s transformation from a seedling to a sapling…

  • Eco Cinema, Winter 2019/20 Almanac

    Seeds of Hope

    Growing the past to save the future.

  • The Cabinet Of Green Curiosities, Winter 2019/20 Almanac

    The Book that Grew

    Each page was grown during February and March 2019.

  • The Cabinet Of Green Curiosities, Winter 2019/20 Almanac

    Mycelium Pendant Lights

    Durable, sustainable and uniquely beautiful.

  • The Cabinet Of Green Curiosities, Winter 2019/20 Almanac

    Hair Crown

    This crown from 19th century France.

  • Blog, Winter 2019/20 Almanac

    Winter Tracks

    Our Winter cover art explained.

  • Eco Cinema, Winter 2019/20 Almanac

    Dark Waters

    Watch this film based on a shocking true story.

  • The Cabinet Of Green Curiosities, Winter 2019/20 Almanac

    Bamboo Leaf Spoons

    These spoons are made from bamboo leaves…

  • Fall 2019 Almanac, Sustainable Design

    Pollinators Pavillion

    Recently installed on the site of Old Mud Creek Farm, an organic and regenerative farm in the Hudson Valley, the…

  • Fall 2019 Almanac, Recipe

    Power Green Soup

    From Clean Soup by Rebecca Katz

  • Fall 2019 Almanac, Recipe

    Magic Mineral Broth

    from The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen: Nourishing, Big-Flavor Recipes for Cancer Treatment and Recovery by Rebecca Katz

  • Fall 2019 Almanac, Nature News

    About Eating Mushrooms

    Should you consume raw mushrooms and/or mushroom mycelium? How can one safely use mushrooms?

  • Eco News, Fall 2019 Almanac

    Action Alert


  • Eco News, Fall 2019 Almanac

    Reduce Food Waste and Save Time by Freezing It

    This is how I save leftovers, bread, fresh herbs and bananas at home: simply store the foods in freezer safe…

  • Eco News, Fall 2019 Almanac

    People Helping: The Nurdle Patrol

    Nurdle Patrol is a citizen science project lead by the Mission-Aransas National Estuarine Research Reserve at the University of Texas…

  • Blog, Eco News, Fall 2019 Almanac

    Pharmacy to Farm

    New York City Is Giving Out Prescriptions For Free Fruits And Vegetables.

  • Fall 2019 Almanac, The Cabinet Of Green Curiosities


    Merdacotta are ceramics made from cow dung and clay.

  • Fall 2019 Almanac, The Cabinet Of Green Curiosities

    Funerary Urns

    Biodegradable funerary urns…

  • Eco News, Fall 2019 Almanac

    Project Coral

    Very encouraging news for the world’s depleted coral reefs thanks to scientists who successfully reproduced endangered corals in a laboratory…

  • Eco News, Fall 2019 Almanac

    Reducing Waste by Reusing Materials in the Garden

    Reducing Waste by Reusing Materials in the Garden by Priscilla Woolworth **originally published in Green America

  • Blog, Eco News, Fall 2019 Almanac

    Sounds of Nature

    A group of professional nature recordists from around the globe have collaborated to develop Nature Soundmap , an enjoyable and…

  • Eco Garden, Eco News, Fall 2019 Almanac

    Hidden Treasures


  • Fall 2019 Almanac, The Cabinet Of Green Curiosities

    Snail Slime

    Did you know that it was in the 1980s that the potential of snail secretions was first noticed by breeders…

  • Fall 2019 Almanac, Gamechanger

    Tom Szaky

    Since one of the issues I’m preoccupied with is waste, I chose as Gamechanger someone who has created a successful…

  • Artist, Fall 2019 Almanac

    David Brooks

    The artist who got my attention is David Brooks. At Storm King, he drew inspiration from the landscape and local…

  • Book, Fall 2019 Almanac

    Cooking With Scraps by Lindsay-Jean Hard

    In 85 innovative recipes, Lindsay-Jean Hard— who writes the “Cooking with Scraps” column for Food52—shows just how delicious and surprising…

  • Eco Cinema, Fall 2019 Almanac

    Fantastic Fungi

    Imagine an organism that feeds you, heals you, reveals secrets of the universe and could help save the planet.

  • Book, Fall 2019 Almanac

    A Story That Grows by Gilles Bachelet

    A whimsical bedtime book perfect for sharing.

  • Book, Fall 2019 Almanac

    Fantastic Fungi by Louie Schwartzberg

    Contributions from Michael Pollan, Andrew Weil, Eugenia Bone, and many more experts make Fantastic Fungi an awe-inspiring visual journey through…

  • Book, Fall 2019 Almanac

    Viktor Schauberger: A Life of Learning from Nature by Jane Cobbald

    Viktor Schauberger’s knowledge of natural energies led to inventions which, if properly harnessed, could solve the world’s energy crisis. Unfortunately…

  • Nature News, Summer 2019 Almanac

    Chamomile’s Natural Goodness

    Did you know that chamomile, which has astringent properties, could be used to tone your skin?

  • Eco Garden, Summer 2019 Almanac

    August Eco Garden

    Moon Gardening with Priscilla Woolworth

  • Blog, Nature News, Summer 2019 Almanac

    Chernobyl: Accidental Wildlife Sanctuary

    Did you know that in the 30+ years since the disaster zone was evacuated, rare and endangered animals are flourishing.

  • Blog, Eco News, Gamechanger, Summer 2019 Almanac

    Zach Bush

    Zach Bush is a triple board certified physician, master healer & consciousness, and is the founder and director of M…

  • Eco News, Summer 2019 Almanac

    Good News Lately!

    A sample of some recent good news.

  • Book, Summer 2019 Almanac

    Some Stories: Lessons from the Edge of Business and Sport By Yvon Chouinard

    For nearly 80 years, Yvon Chouinard has followed his own advice, pursuing, with equal fervor, sports adventures, business excellence, and…

  • Eco News, Summer 2019 Almanac

    Monarch Butterfly News

    In order to protect monarch butterflies from becoming an endangered species in 2019, millions of acres of native milkweed need…

  • Eco Tip, Summer 2019 Almanac

    Best Organically Grown Foods to Buy Frozen

    Frozen green beans are half the cost of fresh ones and retain more vitamins A and C than other frozen…

  • Gamechanger, Summer 2019 Almanac

    Polly Higgins

    Polly Higgins is a pioneer; since stepping down from her legal practice as a court advocate, she devotes her time…

  • Artist, Summer 2019 Almanac

    David Hockney & Vincent Van Gogh

    When describing how Van Gogh has inspired him, and whose work Hockney has long admired, “ his paintings are full…

  • Summer 2019 Almanac, The Cabinet Of Green Curiosities

    Cordyceps Sinensis Mushroom: A Miracle Food

    Cordyceps Sinensis mushroom, is also referred to as a symbiant (not a parasite), boosts the immune system of its known…

  • Summer 2019 Almanac, The Cabinet Of Green Curiosities

    Spider Silk

    Christine Radtke is working to use spider silk to reconnect severed nerve fibers.

  • Blog, Eco Tip, Summer 2019 Almanac

    Best Whole Grains

  • Eco Tip, Summer 2019 Almanac

    PW Tip #2: If you wear sunscreen…

    …you need to read this.

  • Eco Tip, Summer 2019 Almanac

    PW Tip #1: Poison Ivy Salve

    This magic elixir is what her grandmother doused her with when she had gotten into a patch of the dreaded…

  • Recipe, Summer 2019 Almanac

    Coconut Chia Seed Pudding

    This is one of those naturally creamy treats that is actually good for you!

  • Recipe, Summer 2019 Almanac

    Wild Green Pesto

    Versatile and nutritious, wild green pesto is a gourmet delight!

  • Recipe, Summer 2019 Almanac

    Whole Roasted Cauliflower

    In 2018, Food & Wine named this recipe one of their 40 best.

  • Book, Summer 2019 Almanac

    Flora Forager ABC By Bridget Beth Collins

    This adorable alphabet book, features animals from angel fish to zebra, each brilliantly created with flower petals, leaves and other…

  • Book, Summer 2019 Almanac

    We Are The Gardeners

    This sweet story chronicles the adventures (and misadventures) of the Gaines kids as they grow vegetables and flowers in their…

  • Book, Summer 2019 Almanac

    Trees Of Power: The organic grower’s guide to planting, propagation, culture, and ecology By Akiva Silver

    Trees are our allies in healing the world.

  • Book, Summer 2019 Almanac

    The Overstory

    Winner of the 2019 Pulitzer Prize in Fiction, is a sweeping, impassioned work of activism and resistance

  • Eco Garden, Spring 2019 Almanac

    May Eco Garden

    Moon Gardening with Priscilla Woolworth

  • Recipe, Spring 2019 Almanac

    Slow-Roasted Red Peppers

    From the cookbook Lunch! by Olivia Mack McCOOL

  • Eco Tip, Spring 2019 Almanac

    How To Save Seeds

    Seed saving happens all year long, depending where you live.

  • Artist, Spring 2019 Almanac

    Louise Bourgeois

    Louise Bourgeois (1911– 2010) was a French-American artist. Born in Paris, she was raised by parents who ran a tapestry…

  • Eco News, Spring 2019 Almanac

    A Feast for the Senses

    Chinese vlogger Li Ziqi films her videos in the serene countryside of China.

  • Eco News, Spring 2019 Almanac

    The Rocky Hill Coal Mine Case

    A Group of Residents Prevented a Coal Mine from Being Built in their community in Australia.

  • Recipe, Spring 2019 Almanac, Tree News

    Making Maple Syrup

    I discovered that I have sugar maple trees in the woods by my house.

  • Nature News, Spring 2019 Almanac

    Best Seed Catalogs

    All companies have signed the Safe Seed Pledge- a written commitment to sell only non-GMO seed.

  • Eco News, Spring 2019 Almanac

    I Have a Crush on Your Mind

    My generation and the generations that went before have failed you. We failed to grasp the basic premise of intergenerational…

  • Eco News, Spring 2019 Almanac

    March 15th, 2019

    A Global Youth Strike for Climate Action is planned for March 15 and the movement is rapidly building momentum.

  • Recipe, Spring 2019 Almanac

    Sri Lankan Curry

    I made this recently and loved it. You can also add extra vegetables, such as chickpeas and zucchini.

  • Eco Tip, Spring 2019 Almanac

    PW Tips

    Eco Tips from Priscilla Woolworth

  • Eco News, Spring 2019 Almanac

    Cover of the Spring Issue

    It was fun creating the flower motif cover for this issue, using recycled paper and filling the triangle pouches with…

  • Bird News, Spring 2019 Almanac

    Bird Feeders

    Even though we are only a few weeks away from Spring, if you live in the Northeast, winter may last…

  • Book, Spring 2019 Almanac

    A Handmade Life: In Search of Simplicity By Wm. S. Coperthwaite

    William Coperthwaite is a teacher, builder, designer, and writer who for many years has explored the possibilities of true simplicity…

  • Book, Spring 2019 Almanac

    Planting the Wild Garden

    Eloquent text and stunning illustrations combine to explore the many ways seeds are distributed. A farmer and her son carefully…

  • Book, Spring 2019 Almanac

    The Secret Wisdom of Nature: Trees, Animals, and the Extraordinary Balance of All Living Things by Peter Wohlleben

    Nature is full of surprises: deciduous trees affect the rotation of the Earth, cranes sabotage the production of Iberian ham,…

  • Gamechanger, Spring 2019 Almanac

    Greta Thunberg

    Greta Thunberg, is a sixteen-year old Swedish superstar activist working to stop global warming and climate change.

  • Spring 2019 Almanac, The Cabinet Of Green Curiosities


    A xylotheque is a small library where every “book” is made by the wood of the tree that is documented…

  • Bird News, Spring 2019 Almanac

    Why Native Plants Are Better for Birds and People

    Did you know that bird-friendly landscaping provides food, saves water, and fights climate change?

  • Spring 2019 Almanac, Sustainable Design


    Did you know that there is very little research into the aggregated effects of exposure to indoors pollutants from kitchen…

  • Eco Cinema, Spring 2019 Almanac

    The Story of Electronics

    The Story of Electronics employs the Story of Stuff style to explore the high-tech revolution’s collateral damage—25 million tons of…