Blane St. Croix

Blane St. Croix
November 30, 2020 Christina Mullin



In his work, Blane St Croix explores the geopolitical landscape through sculpture, installation, and work on paper. His artworks and research seek to facilitate an increased understanding of the shared social, political, environmental, and cultural climate challenges we face, both within our local communities, and in the international arena.

St Croix works with scientists and researchers to gather data, which is then synthesized, along with his own experiences.

Those consulted for his exhibition at Mass MoCA lead the field of climate change research and policy, with a strong focus on the arctic’s dissolving permafrost.

The train piece is titled Moving Landscape. It’s a series of miniature landscapes on model railroad cars- depicting tundras, wetlands, forests, deserts, etc. The train cars revolve in a circular loop through the entry wall and into the gallery behind it. These landscapes are in perpetual motion.

Also featured is the piece titled Collapsing Pillar, 2020. Made with paint, wood, eco resin, natural and recycled materials.

His show How to Move a Landscape is on at Mass MoCA until September 2021