March 2, 2019 Christina Mullin

Did you know that there is very little research into the aggregated effects of exposure to indoors pollutants from kitchen products, cleaning products, cooking fumes, fireplace smoke, insect sprays, air fresheners and scented candles, all of which can cause poor air quality in our homes, workspaces and schoolsOnce they are released into the air they don’t just disappear. They react in the air to form new chemicals, which could be potentially harmful.

Using paint that is toxin free is one step to improving the quality of air indoors, therefore have you heard about Airlite paint? Airlite Purelight is a mineral inorganic paint, which utilizes a set of patented technologies in order to reduce air pollution. When painted on the outside of a building, it neutralizes pollutants and smog, returning air to a cleaner state, reducing air pollution and cuts cooling costs by 29%.  When using airlite as an indoor paint, it has the ability to turn walls into an air purifier, helping reduce odors, is bacteria resistant, mold resistant, repelling dust and airborne dirt.

Invented, tried and tested in Italy since 2007, the AirlitePaint range was launched to the UK market in March 2018. What makes this product really stand out is the amount of certification and testing they have done to prove all of their claims. The airliteteam is available for large contracts and infrastructure projects like hospitals, air quality in tunnels and schools, where with some, children are being exposed to higher levels of damaging air pollution inside the classroom than outdoors.

Airlite Purelight is provided in a powder form and requires mixing with water prior to application.

Airlite is currently available in the UK at

*Heron mural by Milanese street artist Federico Massa (aka Iena Cruz). See Europe’s first anti-pollution mural in the Ostinese neighborhood, on Via del Porto Fluviale, Rome.