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    What I offer in my store is a reflection of my lifestyle, one that is focused on planet friendly choices: invest in things that are useful, that last, that you love and that don’t harm the planet. In my store is an eclectic ever-evolving selection of favorites + one-of-a-kind finds and limited editions from my studio.

  • by priscillawoolworth 2 days ago
    Thank you  @georgewhipple  for the glorious gift I received from you on Arbor Day. I love trees and this one is such a pretty thing, with its tulip-shaped flowers in the Spring. Trees protect our planet’s natural resources. Plant trees!  @arbordayfoundation   #arborday2021   #plantatree   #giveatree   #bestgiftforPW 
  • by priscillawoolworth 2 days ago
    Fritillaria Imperialis Extraordinary looking flower, very beautiful and surprisingly fragrant, like marijuana. As a cut flower, be forewarned. As a flower in the garden, a group of 6-12 at the rear of a border would be stunning.  #fritillariaimperialis   #strongsmelling   #stunningflower 
  • by priscillawoolworth 5 days ago
    Wondering what’s in this parcel? Find out  @riversedgefarmny  , which is all about my mini organic farm in the Hudson Valley in upstate NY.
  • by priscillawoolworth 6 days ago
    Collage of Waste Ephemera Every piece is from an old magazine, newspaper or card.  #makeartnotwaste   #rethinkwaste   #reducewaste   #everyscrapsaved   #lessinto   #thereisnoaway 
  • by priscillawoolworth 6 days ago
    Rethinking Waste Egg cartons cut up and soaked in a jar of homemade beet juice. Dried and ready to be used in a project I’m working on. Reduce waste by reusing as much as you can. Each of us can make a difference, even in small gestures. Think about the packaging of products when shopping and whether it is packaged in something that is either reusable or compostable.  #zerowastehome   #zerowastegarden   #reducingwaste   #reuse   #rethink   #redo   #chooseglassjars   #choosecompostablepackaging   #wecaneachmakeadifference 
  • by priscillawoolworth 1 week ago
    Shame on stores that continue to sell Roundup. Roundup is a herbicide or weed killer and is linked to serious health issues like cancer, and in particular non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Glysophate is the key ingredient in roundup, which has long term risks to our health and to our natural environment. Biologists have sounded the alarm over plummeting insect populations that affect species diversity and damage ecosystems by disrupting natural food chains and plant pollination. What harms insects also harms people. Glysophate has been banned in France, Austria, Vietnam, Thailand and Germany is phasing out herbicides that contain glysophate by 2023. Photo taken  @loweshomeimprovement  but could have been  @homedepot   #banroundup   #banglysophate   #protectourhealth   #protectthesoil   #stoppoisoningtheland   #protectthebees 
  • by priscillawoolworth 1 week ago
    My wildly organic wildflower filled field was full of mantid ( aka mantis) egg cases. I saved a pile of them before the field gets mown and they would all be crushed or mashed. I’ve kept them in my garden shed, and have made a bunch available any organic gardeners who would like these natural pest controllers in the garden. They will take care of eating your insect pests! Find them only for the next few weeks  @philmontcooperative  The mantids hatch out when the weather warms up, which is also when their food supply is plentiful. I plan on returning most of the mantid egg cases to the field where they were found, by the middle of May. Second photo by  @moyramulholland   #mantid   #prayingmantid   #prayingmantis   #mantis   #eggcases   #pestcontrol   #naturalpestcontrol   #nopesticidesneeded 
  • by priscillawoolworth 1 week ago
    White Parrot Tulip Not only beautiful but a long lasting cut flower. Before adding the stems into a vase filled with fresh clean cold water, snip 1/2” off the ends which helps get as much water to them as possible. Remove the lower leaf and a higher leaf which prevents the water from spoiling too soon and gives the stems a little air to breathe rather than being crowded by leaves. I have kept mine away from direct sunlight, sources of heat, and also from electronics. They are going on 2 weeks and could have a few more days left. Bought from  @mxmorningstarfarm   #springflowers   #parrottulip   #tulip   #cutflower   #makethemlast   #flowersinthehouse   #joy  More tips in my past almanacs  @priscillawoolworth .com
  • by priscillawoolworth 1 week ago
    Did you know about the many Health Benefits of Nettle Tea? When foraging for nettles, wear rubber gloves and pick the young shoots before they flower. Rinse and steep for 2 minutes in boiling water. Health benefits: Reduces Pain & Inflammation Lowers Blood Pressure Levels Reduces hives Relieves seasonal allergies like hay fever Protects Heart Health Relieves Osteoarthritis Fights oxidative stress Source of antioxidants Blood tonic Improves kidney health Improves hair and nail health Relieves Urinary Tract Infections For more healthy living resources and tips, you will find them here: https://www.priscillawoolworth.com/archive/  #nettletea   #nettles   #healthychoice   #foraged   #nature ’smedicine  #goodforyou   #drinkinmoderation 
  • by priscillawoolworth 2 weeks ago
    First Clutch of Ramps this Year Foraged yesterday in the woods by my house. I only picked a handful, mostly leaves, and one from each clump of ramps. Mindful foraging of ramps matters because if you pick too many, they will disappear forever. I made Ramp Butter last night and I can’t wait to have some. How to make ramp butter: You will need 1 bunch of ramps, rinsed + 8 ounces of unsalted butter, cut into cubes + 1 teaspoon mineral salt (or Himalayan) Bring a medium pot of water to a boil. Fill a medium bowl with ice water. Add the ramps into the boiling water for 30 seconds to blanch. Using tongs, dunk the ramps into the ice ester to halt cooking. Drain ramps and pat dry. Cut them up using kitchen scissors, which will make it easier to blend them. In a food processor, pulse the ramps, butter, and salt until well combined, about 1 minute. I divided the ramp butter into a silicone ice cube mold and put it in the freezer. Once frozen, I froze them in small individual BPA free freezer food storage bags. To be used next winter, spread on a crusty

When Time magazine named me a new Green Pioneer in 2009, I had just launched my first online eco friendly general store in Los Angeles, and an online quarterly Almanac Newsletter about everything positive going on in the environment. I also authored the book LOLA Lots of Love Always, about how to live a sustainable lifestyle and make healthy choices that are good for you and the planet. Although targeted to young women, it ended up appealing to all age groups.

As my life and work evolved over the years, my dream was increasingly about living a simpler lifestyle closer to nature, hence my move to the Hudson Valley in Upstate New York, where I could still continue my work, have a much larger garden, woods to wander in and be the best steward I can be of the land I now call home.

Now, I have a new store: Priscilla-Woolworth-Store-Studio, which continues to reflect my lifestyle: acquiring things that are useful, made to last, and don’t harm the planet.

My “larger” garden became a mini organic farm, River’s Edge Farm, where I grow enough food that I am able to donate a portion to a food pantry called the Recovery Kitchen in Hudson, New York. I also sell wild foraged and grown produce to an organic community market in Philmont, New York.

The journey continues.

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