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    Spring Almanac

    Learn about innovative businesses, entertaining and enlightening movies, inspiring books, artists, gamechangers, and organizations that are all involved in some way in helping to sustain our environment and its precious resources.

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    LOLA (Lots Of Love Always) is a book for young women about how to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and make healthy choices. Filled with colorful graphics and a wealth of tips, recipes, remedies, and inspiring anecdotes, LOLA deals with what young women really need to know to lead happy, productive, and fulfilling lives.

  • Hornets Nest This one is in my kitchen and has
    Hornets Nest This one is in my kitchen, and has unexpectedly provided an overwintering home for a tribe of wasps. I think that one got into my house  #thenookny  this past fall, hibernated undetected through the winter, and are drowsily emerging as Spring is near. These ones don’t sting, so every morning, I carefully put them back outside  #stories   #from   #thenookny   #mylife   #hudsonvalley   #ny   #fromhollywoodtothehudsonvalley 
  • At a recent country auction I saw this fantastical mirror
    At a recent country auction, I saw this fantastical mirror, to be sold in a sale this past Saturday. I missed trying to purchase it because I got distracted picking up trash along the road near my house. Ultimately, the removal of plastic trash near the river was very satisfying and more so than buying something delightful I didn’t need  #naturecomesfirst   #naturefirst   #cleanuptrash   #plasticfreeriver   #lovetheplanet   #everyday 
  • Gratitude  Respect for farmers big and small From newyorkermag
    Gratitude & Respect for farmers, big and small From  @newyorkermag   #koren 
  • Spring is 2 days away! So excited to witness the
    Spring is 2 days away! So excited to witness the metamorphosis of my garden over the next few months and to meals outdoors again by the river  #spring2019   #hudsonvalley   #thenookny   #slow   #metamorphosis   #nature   #blossoms   #blooms 
  • Saving Seeds A new blog has been posted in the
    Saving Seeds A new blog has been posted in the current issue of my Almanac Newsletter! Learn how to save and store seeds  #seedsavers   #saveseeds   #seeds   #flowerseeds   #vegetableseeds   #storingseeds 
  • The Cabinet of Green Curiosities Recently added is this wonderful
    The Cabinet of Green Curiosities Recently added is this wonderful and magical library. Learn all about on my site- the link is in bio above  @cabinetofgreencuriosities   #thecabinetofgreencuriosities   #treasures   #found   #in   #nature   #or   #inspiredbynature_ 
  • F O O D dont waste it Reposted from flowerpowernyc
    F O O D -don’t waste it- Reposted from  @flowerpower_nyc 
  • Flashbacking to when I was trying out colors stamps inks
    Flash-backing to when I was trying out colors, stamps, inks, titles for LOLA❤️ I even tried writing with a feather dipped in black ink, with very poor results! I love the quote my aunt sent me, written in french: “To live is to love and be loved”  #fbf   #tolive   #istolove   #and   #beloved   #moulinrouge 
  • Today is the Global Climate Strike This is awesomeGrateful to
    Today is the Global Climate Strike This is awesome❤️Grateful to all students and everyone participating in today’s global climate strike Students all around the world are striking to demand that their elders treat climate change as a crisis. Earlier today, Maori Haka at the school strike at Nelson College, NZ. Tens, maybe hundreds of thousand students in New Zealand, Australia and East Asia are striking today. In Stockholm, Sweden thousands of students were out in the rain. 2052 places in 123 countries on all continents, including Antarctica, are holding strikes today. Scroll to see who the is the extraordinary young
  • TrailBlazing Women of Kew Gardens London In 1896 women gardeners
    Trail-Blazing Women of Kew Gardens, London. In 1896, women gardeners were employed for the first time at Kew, and on equal pay, decades before women gained the vote. They were made to wear the same garb as male gardeners so as not to distract their colleagues. Their days were long, digging in the dirt from 6am to 6pm in the summer months. They were expected to spend their evenings attending lectures or studying in the library. The women eventually moved on to roles as head gardeners at other large gardens. Gertrude Jekyll said, “The love of gardening is a seed

To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival

~ Wendell Berry

Welcome to the Almanac Newsletter, an e-quarterly in which each issue celebrates innovations in Sustainable and Innovative Designs, Game-Changers who are creating and inspiring positive change, Eco Films that entertain and enlighten, Artists and Authors who are inspired by nature, Plant Based Recipes, a monthly Organic Gardening Calendar, as well as empowering readers to become informed consumers, by turning their purchasing power into a powerful tool for change. Attention is given as well to a Group or Organization that endeavors to arrest, contain, or reverse environmental damage and preserve our natural world for future generations.

As the public becomes increasingly aware of global warming and the unhealthy repercussions of heedless consumption of environmentally harmful products, people are more and more choosing to commit to greener, healthier lifestyles. We are all learning how to make conscious choices that reduce our use of natural resources and ideally serve to protect and sustain them.

Welcome also to my book titled LOLA, Lots of Love Always, which is aimed at young women but is a good read for everyone. It shows how to live a sustainable lifestyle and make healthy choices that are good for you and the planet at large. You are welcome to read the LOLA Blog, which has been archived on my site.

~Invest in the future by taking care of the present~

Priscilla Woolworth

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    Did you know that there is very little research into the aggregated effects of exposure to indoors pollutants from kitchen products, cleaning products, cooking fumes, fireplace smoke, insect sprays, air fresheners and scented candles, all of which can cause poor air quality in our homes, workspaces and schools.

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