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    Learn about innovative businesses, entertaining and enlightening movies, inspiring books, artists, gamechangers, and organizations that are all involved in some way in helping to sustain our environment and its precious resources.

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    What I offer in my store is a reflection of my lifestyle, one that is focused on planet friendly choices: invest in things that are useful, that last, that you love and that don’t harm the planet. In my store is an eclectic ever-evolving selection of favorites + one-of-a-kind finds and limited editions from my studio.

  • by priscillawoolworth 36 mins ago
    Happening this Saturday, August 7th! Bring a pen and your mask and have fun trying to identify the 40 natural curiosities on display. Everyone will be given a list to fill out, to be followed by a presentation with stories about each piece. Winner gets a prize! Get in touch with Caitlin @churchtowndairy .org to register for this free event Hope to see you there *only 2 of the items in this image will be featured, along with 38 others…  #letthegamesbegin   #oldschoolfun   #learnaboutnature   #natureisthebestartist 
  • by priscillawoolworth 1 day ago
    A Writer’s Shack As featured in the book The Maine House, this is where E.B. White wrote Charlotte’s Web. He sat at a desk he built himself: three pine boards fixed to a brace and fastened beneath a window, two legs propping up the other end. White positioned himself wisely- in a corner flanked by two windows, facing neither. Who could write with a view like that? “I would really rather feel bad in Maine than feel good anywhere else,” E.B. White famously wrote. Other favorite books are One Man’s Meat and Essays of E.B. White- classic collections by one of the greatest essayists of our time. The Maine House by  @basha_oog   #ebwhite   #mainewritersshack   #shackonthecoast   #magnificentessays 
  • by priscillawoolworth 2 days ago
    The Banks of the Bièvre near Bicêtre Henri Rousseau- 1908 Did you know that Rousseau was a self-taught artist? The artist identified the subject of this painting, a working-class community on the southern edge of Paris, in a handwritten note affixed to the reverse side of the work. The Arcades de Buc, an aqueduct built under Louis XIV to supply fountains at the palace of Versailles, is recognizable at right and confirms the location.
  • by priscillawoolworth 3 days ago
    Sitting by the river, enjoying the summer and taking the time to listen to nature slowly going by.  #home   #outforagingbytheriver   #goldenoystermushrooms   #juicyblackberries   #naturegirlthroughandrhrough 
  • by priscillawoolworth 3 days ago
    The Maine House by Maura McEvoy & Basha Burrell Beautiful book, with so many gorgeous shots from one of my favorite places in the world: Maine Congratulations  @basha_oog  *Image from the book
  • by priscillawoolworth 6 days ago
    Missing Leroy It’s been 10 years since he passed away and I still miss him. Sending love to all of you who have lost a beloved animal friend✨✨
  • by priscillawoolworth 6 days ago
    Just a few of these incense-feather-pod holders are still available in my store. I won’t be making any more until the fall! Copy and paste: https://www.priscilla-woolworth-store-studio.com Or click on the link in my bio above  #handmade   #ceramic   #pwstorestudio   #terracotta   #holderofallthings 
  • by priscillawoolworth 6 days ago
    Reposting this announcement from  @churchtown_dairy ! Please join the free “Show & Tell” natural curiosities workshop on August 7th. It will be held in the round barn. Get ready to play a game of identifying the more than 30+ objects, all part of a private collection. Hope to see you there!  @churchtown_dairy   #cabinetofcuriosities   #naturaltreasures   #fromaroundtheworld   #privatecollection   #eachobjecthasastory 
  • by priscillawoolworth 7 days ago
    The Weir Early evening walk from the house, past  @riversedgefarmny  , through the berry wattle fence, past the peach and mulberry trees and down the steps to the beach and onto the weir.  #home   #hudsonvalleyny   #naturegirl   #lovethewildness   #needthewildness 
  • by priscillawoolworth 7 days ago
    Mountain of Golden Oyster Mushrooms Will dry them in the sun so they get even more Vitamin D. Follow my work  @riversedgefarmny  , my mini organic zero waste-medicinal-pollinator-composting-carbon capturing farm. Forgot one more: foraging for wild edibles, like the mushrooms featured here

When Time magazine named me a new Green Pioneer in 2009, I had just launched my first online eco friendly general store in Los Angeles, and an online quarterly Almanac Newsletter about everything positive going on in the environment. I also authored the book LOLA Lots of Love Always, about how to live a sustainable lifestyle and make healthy choices that are good for you and the planet. Although targeted to young women, it ended up appealing to all age groups.

As my life and work evolved over the years, my dream was increasingly about living a simpler lifestyle closer to nature, hence my move to the Hudson Valley in Upstate New York, where I could still continue my work, have a much larger garden, woods to wander in and be the best steward I can be of the land I now call home.

Now, I have a new store: Priscilla-Woolworth-Store-Studio, which continues to reflect my lifestyle: acquiring things that are useful, made to last, and don’t harm the planet.

My “larger” garden became a mini organic farm, River’s Edge Farm, where I grow enough food that I am able to donate a portion to a food pantry called the Recovery Kitchen in Hudson, New York. I also sell wild foraged and grown produce to an organic community market in Philmont, New York.

The journey continues.

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