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    Fall Almanac

    Learn about innovative businesses, entertaining and enlightening movies, inspiring books, artists, gamechangers, and organizations that are all involved in some way in helping to sustain our environment and its precious resources.

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    LOLA (Lots Of Love Always) is a book for young women about how to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and make healthy choices. Filled with colorful graphics and a wealth of tips, recipes, remedies, and inspiring anecdotes, LOLA deals with what young women really need to know to lead happy, productive, and fulfilling lives.

  • This scrappy looking vine is the bane of my existence
    This scrappy looking vine is the bane of my existence when I’m gardening. But since it’s an important food source and therefore beneficial to birds and to other wild creatures in my garden and woods, I have left a lot of it untouched. Nature is my teacher as I learn to respect the natural balance and the need for things that I don’t need **Poison ivy dies down in the winter but is not dormant, so be careful if you are allergic.  #thenookny   #poisonivy   #gardening   #birds   #thewildness 
  • At the Metropolitan Museum of Art before seeing the show
    At the Metropolitan Museum of Art, before seeing the show about Native American artifacts, I stopped by to admire this Shell Vessel by Japanese ceramicist Koike Shōko, one of the first women to graduate from the ceramics department of the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Koike draws inspiration from marine life, seaside cliffs, and natural forms. The handmade baskets in the Native American show were gorgeous, from the designs to the materials used. Swipe left to see the Gift Basket made in 1910 by Elizabeth Hickox (Wiyot-Karuk, 1875-1947) made with conifer root, hazel shoots, maidenhair stems, bear
  • Great day Museum hopping in NYC yesterday Started with the
    Great day Museum hopping in NYC yesterday. Started with the stunning Hilma af Klint show at the Guggenheim. Klint (October 26, 1862-October 21, 1944) was a Swedish artist and mystic whose paintings were amongst the first abstract art. In her will, she specified that her work should be kept secret for at least 20 years after her death. When the boxes were opened at the end of the 1960’s, very few people had knowledge of what would be revealed. This show of Hilma af Klint’s work is her first major solo exhibition in the United States. What is really quite
  • Tina a Porcupine The story told by the photographer goes
    Tina, a Porcupine The story told by the photographer goes like this, “The photo of this porcupine was taken after the sun had dropped down below the horizon. As I approached her, I expected she would turn and raise her quills or run and climb the nearest tree to avoid our interaction. Instead, she relaxed and posed there next to the elk antler she had been munching on. The image was introduced as a print at the Northern Wildlife Expo in Lansing, Michigan, where one of my customers labeled the porcupine Tina for her Tina Turner-like hairdo.” Photo by Carl
  • I remember when I picked this lace lichen and oak
    I remember when I picked this lace lichen and oak gall, 2 years ago, off a tree along a beautiful road that wound its way north of Santa Barbara and to a secluded beach on the Pacific Ocean. Many California oaks have lace lichen hanging from their branches, a living material that is a combination of fungus and algae. The lichen doesn’t hurt the trees but provides a great benefit to the oaks by capturing wind-borne nutrients. Did you know that lace lichen is spread by the wind but also by hummingbirds and oriole’s which use the material when building
  • Still my favorite place to be my garden diggingplantingpruning and
    Still my favorite place to be: my garden, digging/planting/pruning and picking. This  #fbf  photo my daughter Lucie took of me in my former vegetable garden in Los Angeles. Many happy memories there Now that I live back in beautiful Hudson Valley in upstate New York, I started a new garden, and just as the fruit trees and perennials I planted, we are setting down new roots together& #x2764 ;& #xfe0f ;& #x2764 ;& #xfe0f ;  @lucielwes   #losangeles   #hudsonvalley   #from   #one   #environmentallyfriendly   #state   #to   #another   #organicallygrownfoodsrock !  #organicfarmersrock !  #cleanairrocks !
  • Sunflower head from my summer garden dried and seeds saved
    Sunflower head from my summer garden, dried and seeds saved 3/4 of the seeds will be for the birds over the coming winter and the rest will be for next years’s garden  #planningahead   #seedsaver   #seed   #preciousseeds   #vandanashiva   #saveseeds   #shareseeds   #priscillawoolworthphotography 
  • What to eat now thats in season Winter Squash Sweet
    What to eat now that’s in season: Winter Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Fuyu Persimmons and Cabbages For all gardeners: the November Garden Calendar chore list is posted on my site in the Fall Issue  @priscillawoolworth .com ~link in bio~ Grown your own food and live off the land as best you can or/and support those who make it their business to grow fresh organic foods.  @localharvest .org_  @nofanewyork   @mcenroeorganicfarm   @farmerkevs   @organicconsumers   @environmentalworkinggroup   @fairviewgardens   @fairvieworchards   @farmerandthecookojai   @hawthornevalley   @thechathamberryfarm 
  • Photographers unknown
    Photographers unknown
  • With the last two days so charged I took myself
    With the last two days so charged, I took myself outside for a walk to admire the trees, like this Norway Maple by my house, the stubborn one, holding onto its golden yellow leaves for as long as it can. Near it, stands a huge Norway spruce, which until yesterday had the most enormous wasp nest at the tippy top. I found a part of the nest on the ground, which must have fallen from the wind and the rain we’ve been having. It found its way into my house, into a basket with the sage and mugwort smudge bundles,

To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival

~ Wendell Berry

Welcome to the Almanac Newsletter, an e-quarterly in which each issue celebrates innovations in Sustainable and Innovative Designs, Game-Changers who are creating and inspiring positive change, Eco Films that entertain and enlighten, Artists and Authors who are inspired by nature, Plant Based Recipes, a monthly Organic Gardening Calendar, as well as empowering readers to become informed consumers, by turning their purchasing power into a powerful tool for change. Attention is given as well to a Group or Organization that endeavors to arrest, contain, or reverse environmental damage and preserve our natural world for future generations.

As the public becomes increasingly aware of global warming and the unhealthy repercussions of heedless consumption of environmentally harmful products, people are more and more choosing to commit to greener, healthier lifestyles. We are all learning how to make conscious choices that reduce our use of natural resources and ideally serve to protect and sustain them.

Welcome also to my book titled LOLA, Lots of Love Always, which is aimed at young women but is a good read for everyone. It shows how to live a sustainable lifestyle and make healthy choices that are good for you and the planet at large. You are welcome to read the LOLA Blog, which has been archived on my site.

~Invest in the future by taking care of the present~

Priscilla Woolworth

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