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    Winter Almanac

    Learn about innovative businesses, entertaining and enlightening movies, inspiring books, artists, gamechangers, and organizations that are all involved in some way in helping to sustain our environment and its precious resources.

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    LOLA (Lots Of Love Always) is a book for young women about how to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and make healthy choices. Filled with colorful graphics and a wealth of tips, recipes, remedies, and inspiring anecdotes, LOLA deals with what young women really need to know to lead happy, productive, and fulfilling lives.

  • Breaking News The Winter Issue of the Almanac Newsletter has
    Breaking News: The Winter Issue of the Almanac Newsletter has been published! It’s live on my site  @priscillawoolworth .com Thank you to all subscribers and welcome to all new ones! This last issue of 2018 features artists who do incredible work using bamboo; a Christmas post with info about decorating and wrapping ideas that are planet friendly; an awesome store in Sweden, movie and book recommendations and more resources about how to make healthier choices for ourselves that also benefit the planet. Thank you to my web mistress,  @xtinasz  who has been down with the flu this past week and thank
  • Snowman by Peter Fischli and David Weiss Did you know
    Snowman by Peter Fischli and David Weiss. Did you know that snowmen sculptures are among humanity’s oldest forms of folk art, and that some of the greatest artists sculpted with snow, including Michelangelo. Encased in a glass-door freezer, Fischli uses a copper snowman as a base, and filled it with cooler liquid, and the box is filled with humidity and builds out over four or five days. The condensed water ices up and makes a snowman. Snowman is currently on view at MoMA, NYC  @themuseumofmodernart   #snowman   #snowmanart   #tistheseason 
  • The holiday spirit was in full swing yesterday in the
    The holiday spirit was in full swing yesterday in the Hudson Valley in Upstate New York From the indoor Farmer’s Market in Hudson, to the Yuletide Festival at the Hawthorne Valley School (swipe left to see the beautiful wreaths they made and hung from the ceiling) to the Winter Walk in the evening back in Hudson, where favorite food shop Talbott&Arding hung a large wreath and animal cookies in the window. I loved the adorable dog in  #119 , on the watch! What’s happening in your area? In the soon to be published Winter Issue of my Almanac Newsletter, is a
  • Breaking News!!! Patagonia donates entire Trump tax cut to environmental
    Breaking News!!! Patagonia donates entire Trump tax cut to environmental groups that are fighting climate change. Patagonia is planning to take the $10 million it saved from 2017 corporate tax cuts, which had been reduced under the current administration from 35% to 21% - benefitting the oil and gas industry -at the expense of our planet. Instead of putting the money back into their business, CEO Rose Marcario is putting the money back into the planet, “our home planet needs it more than we do.” Thank you  @patagonia  and  #yvonchouinard  for this beautiful gesture towards bettering the planet& #x2764 ;& #xfe0f ;& #x2764 ;& #xfe0f ;
  • Happiness on a Saturday morning a guitar resting on a
    Happiness on a Saturday morning: a guitar resting on a chair by the wood stove Wishing you a beautiful weekend from my home to yours Please forgive the delay of The Winter Issue. It will be published ASAP. I ran into some devilish computer/site/subscribing/internet/you name it/ everything went wrong these past few days but is now all working again thank goodness I’m ready for subscribers! At www.priscillawoolworth.com  #music   #songs   #singing   #bythefire   #wonderful   #beautiful 
  • Rainbow Swamp This magical and beautiful phenomenon happens in Virginia
    Rainbow Swamp This magical and beautiful phenomenon happens in Virginia at the First Landing State Park. This natural wonder occurs when natural oils are released by decaying vegetation. Reposted  @bbcnews 
  • The more you read the more you know The more
    The more you read, the more you know. The more you know, the smarter you grow. The smarter you grow, the stronger your voice, when speaking your mind or making your choice& #x2764 ;& #xfe0f ; ...especially when reading LOLA& #x2764 ;& #xfe0f ; where you will learn how to make healthy choices that are good for you and the planet Photo by Irving Penn LOLA available right now  @burrogoods   @dekorandco   @griffingreatbarrington   @clic   @thechathambookseller   @lostandfoundshop_la  And online at www.priscillawoolworth.com Email me at info @priscillawoolworth .com if you would like a signed copy.
  • Thinking about the beautiful places I lived before and how
    Thinking about the beautiful places I lived before, and how much I loved them and the many wonderful memories from my lavender filled garden in Los Angeles to the many meals that were shared with loved ones in the summertime by the lake in Maine, and the early mornings I sat on the dock with my cup of tea, watching the turtles swimming by to where I am now, and the bridge takes me into the wilderness by my home Am grateful for the past, am living fully in the present and looking forward to every day  #FBF   #ilovevillaallott   #ilovecalifornia 
  • Coming soon The Winter Issue of the Almanac Newsletter x2728x2728x2728x2728x2728x2728
    Coming soon: The Winter Issue of the Almanac Newsletter & #x2728 ;& #x2728 ;& #x2728 ;& #x2728 ;& #x2728 ;& #x2728 ; This issue will have not one, not two but three eco-movie recommendations (each of them are wonderful, I couldn’t just choose one); an award winning Gamechanger ; a story about how a couple in the UK succesfully rewilded their property; and the latest additions to the Cabinet of Green Curiosities, + stories about aloe vera (extra benefits), mustard (how to make your own), freekeh (delicious recipe), Tchekov (why I him) and more. To subscribe to the Almanac Newsletter and have access to all previous issues and all LOLA newsletters, go
  • Marvelous Shiitake Mushroom Culture InABag The Shiitake culture is in
    Marvelous Shiitake Mushroom Culture In-A-Bag The Shiitake culture is in a Mycelium state and Mycelium makes it all happen. The Mycelium is the organism, working, consuming, decomposing. Once it’s had enough food, and it’s mature enough, the Mycelium sends out its “fruit” or fruiting bodies. These fruiting bodies are in fact the mushrooms you eat. The Mycelium makes the mushroom This block of Mycelium is currently in my basement and hopefully soon, I’ll be harvesting Shiitake mushrooms. Stay tuned!  #firsttime   #growing   #mushrooms   #indoors   #shiitakemushrooms   #priscillawoolworthphotography  Info from  @smugtownmushrooms 

To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival

~ Wendell Berry

Welcome to the Almanac Newsletter, an e-quarterly in which each issue celebrates innovations in Sustainable and Innovative Designs, Game-Changers who are creating and inspiring positive change, Eco Films that entertain and enlighten, Artists and Authors who are inspired by nature, Plant Based Recipes, a monthly Organic Gardening Calendar, as well as empowering readers to become informed consumers, by turning their purchasing power into a powerful tool for change. Attention is given as well to a Group or Organization that endeavors to arrest, contain, or reverse environmental damage and preserve our natural world for future generations.

As the public becomes increasingly aware of global warming and the unhealthy repercussions of heedless consumption of environmentally harmful products, people are more and more choosing to commit to greener, healthier lifestyles. We are all learning how to make conscious choices that reduce our use of natural resources and ideally serve to protect and sustain them.

Welcome also to my book titled LOLA, Lots of Love Always, which is aimed at young women but is a good read for everyone. It shows how to live a sustainable lifestyle and make healthy choices that are good for you and the planet at large. You are welcome to read the LOLA Blog, which has been archived on my site.

~Invest in the future by taking care of the present~

Priscilla Woolworth

What’s New

  • Eco Cinema, Winter 2018/19 Almanac

    Secret Ingredients Movie

    This eye-opening documentary by Jeffrey Smith and Amy Hart may change the way you think about your food forever- and the way you eat.

  • Eco News, Winter 2018/19 Almanac

    How to Change the World by What We Buy

    As a consumer, be informed about products that contain palm oil. You might not cook with it, but you would be surprised about how many food products contain palm oil, and many of them aren’t clearly labeled.

  • Book, Winter 2018/19 Almanac

    Wilding by Isabella Tree

    Isabella Tree tells the story of the ‘Knepp experiment’, a pioneering rewilding project in West Sussex, using free-roaming grazing animals to create new habitats for wildlife.