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    Learn about innovative businesses, entertaining and enlightening movies, inspiring books, artists, gamechangers, and organizations that are all involved in some way in helping to sustain our environment and its precious resources.

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    What I offer in my store is a reflection of my lifestyle, one that is focused on planet friendly choices: invest in things that are useful, that last, that you love and that don’t harm the planet. In my store is an eclectic ever-evolving selection of favorites + one-of-a-kind finds and limited editions from my studio.

  • Just now Walking in the wildness, along the new path in the south field. Getting excited for the arrival of the fireflies and to walk amongst them next month✨  #dreamscancometrue   #walkinginnature   #createtheframework   #thatallowsyoutoexperience   #yourdreams  #
  • My darling long time friends  @brianwildsmithofficial  posted this on their page and I love it: “This is one for all the tenders, the carers. To the millions of organic gardeners busy lovingly tending their plot of land, and specially to a dear old family friend and very keen gardener herself,
  • Take Care of the Earth and She Will Take Care of You My ongoing love letter to nature continues with Newsletter  #10 . Just published and sent to all subscribers. Learn about the brilliant search engine I’ve been using for years; an easy recycling trick; the water saving genius of Bunds;
  • The birdsong this afternoon was incredible! Sat outside having a cup of tea and watched the birds. It doesn’t get better than that! You can hear the sound of the river as well. Trying to work on Newsletter  #10  but got distracted by nature!
  • Heavenly blossoming crabapple trees over my gate, which are filled with bees. This time of year in the Hudson Valley is magnificent.  #blossoms   #crabappletrees   #bees   #springtimeinthehudsonvalley   #magnificent   #birdseverywhere   #toadshoppingabout   #ispyawoodchuckinthefield 
  • Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing mothers and to all of you who have been like a mother to someone who needed one❤️ The greatest privilege of my life is being the mother of Arielle and Lucie, my beloved daughters❤️ Sending love to all of you who have lost
  • Such a beautiful morning! Grateful for the sparkly fresh leaves and the blossoms, the fallen petals and the tulips popping up, the ramps and fiddlehead ferns in the woodland and the grosbeaks, cardinals and woodpeckers at the feeders. The world is beautiful.
  • Hello Friends! Newsletter  #9  was just published and sent out to all subscribers! I took this image a few hours ago and posted it in the newsletter. Before you find it, there are stories to read and learn about Chinampas, Sweden, Batteries, EcoAnxiety, Happiness and Strandbeest. Hope you enjoy the
  • Mots Doux I love leaving notes in unexpected places…could be a love note or a surprise invitation to a big or small adventure. Try it.  #surprisesomeone   #alovedone   #alovenote   #aninvitation   #acharm 
  • Blossom explosion over the deck. It’s brief and magical. The pergola was made during the first Covid lockdown in Spring 2020. It’s held up pretty well and needs a few tweaks to be ready for the warm summer warms ahead and dining outdoors.  #natureismyinspiration 

When Time magazine named me a new Green Pioneer in 2009, I had just launched my first online eco friendly general store in Los Angeles, and an online quarterly Almanac Newsletter about everything positive going on in the environment. I also authored the book LOLA Lots of Love Always, about how to live a sustainable lifestyle and make healthy choices that are good for you and the planet. Although targeted to young women, it ended up appealing to all age groups.

As my life and work evolved over the years, my dream was increasingly about living a simpler lifestyle closer to nature, hence my move to the Hudson Valley in Upstate New York, where I could still continue my work, have a much larger garden, woods to wander in and be the best steward I can be of the land I now call home.

Now, I have a new store: Priscilla-Woolworth-Store-Studio, which continues to reflect my lifestyle: acquiring things that are useful, made to last, and don’t harm the planet.

My “larger” garden became a mini organic farm, River’s Edge Farm, where I grow enough food that I am able to donate a portion to a food pantry called the Recovery Kitchen in Hudson, New York. I also sell wild foraged and grown produce to an organic community market in Philmont, New York.

The journey continues.

What’s New

  • Almanac, Gamechanger, Winter 2020/2021 Almanac

    Leah Penniman

    Leah Penniman is a Black Kreyol educator, farmer/peyizan, author, and food justice activist.

  • Book, Winter 2020/2021 Almanac

    The Story of Trees: And How They Changed the World

    The Story of Trees takes the reader on a visual journey from some of the earliest known tree species on our planet to the latest fruit cultivars.

  • Eco Garden, Eco News, Nature News, Winter 2020/2021 Almanac

     River’s Edge Organic Mini Farm

    This past year, I foraged daily for wild edibles in the forest garden, planted a medicinal herb garden where I am growing my own medicine and grew an abundant amount of food in the enclosed vegetable garden.