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    Spring Almanac

    Learn about innovative businesses, entertaining and enlightening movies, inspiring books, artists, gamechangers, and organizations that are all involved in some way in helping to sustain our environment and its precious resources.

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    LOLA (Lots Of Love Always) is a book for young women about how to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and make healthy choices. Filled with colorful graphics and a wealth of tips, recipes, remedies, and inspiring anecdotes, LOLA deals with what young women really need to know to lead happy, productive, and fulfilling lives.

  • Happy Easter from my woodland garden to wherever you are
    Happy Easter from my woodland garden to wherever you are today! Freshly picked ramps and fiddleheads for lunch from my forest garden Ramp season has started and picking then in a conscious and ethical way- only pick a few and not the entire plant- assures that they will return year after year.  #ramps   #fiddleheads   #hudsonvalleyny   #thenookny   #priscillawoolworthphotography   #wildness   #forestgarden   #wilderness   #biophilia   #hortophilia 
  • Beauty in Simplicity Spring exploring by kerttusiplane earthday earthday2019 nature
    Beauty in Simplicity Spring exploring by  @kerttusiplane   #earthday   #earthday2019   #nature   #inspires 
  • A gorgeous and gentle creature swims along a saltwater canal
    A gorgeous and gentle creature swims along a saltwater canal in Miami/Florida. Great shot taken by  @nestnotes  To witness animals in their natural habitat is a gift Did you know that the manatee’s closest relative is an elephant...and did you know that loss of habitat is the most serious threat facing the manatees. Help manatees by getting involved  @savethemanateeclub   #manatees   #gentlecreature   #protectmanatees   #earthday   #earthday2019 
  • Is there any excusable excuse? Reposted from upstreampolicy earthday earthday2019
    Is there any excusable excuse? Reposted from  @upstreampolicy   #earthday   #earthday2019   #pickuplitter   #litterfree   #keep   #litter   #from   #polluting   #nature 
  • Keeping it Wild in my garden What would the world
    Keeping it Wild ~in my garden~ What would the world be, once bereft Of wet and of wildness? Let them be left, O let them be left, wildness and wet; Long live the weeds and the wilderness yet. -Gerald Manley Hopkins Excerpted from a good read in the NY Times “To Nature Nature Neglect Your Lawn by Margaret Renkl. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/15/opinion/nature-lawns-environment.html By leaving pesticides (poisons) out of our gardens, we are helping protect bees, butterflies, frogs, toads, salamanders and songbirds, all essential to balancing the ecosystem we depend on Lots more information can be found on my site, including best flowers
  • From inside my greenhousethe map I made for the pollinator
    From inside my greenhouse...the map I made for the pollinator garden I just planted. Lots of native milkweed for the monarch butterflies to feast on and all sorts of poppies, pink flowers from Tenants Harbor/ME, cosmos, bee-balm, calendula, Mexican hat, rudbeckia galore and red zinnias, and  @hudsonvalleyseedco  good bug blooms too, and wildflowers are most welcome to mix in. I’ll share photos over the summer! Planting pollinator loving flowers helps create a haven for bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects like lacewings, ladybugs and their fiends the grasshoppers and crickets. A garden with wildness, one with a generous amount of
  • Fabulous photo by rudyjude I remember way back when I
    Fabulous photo by  @rudyjude  I remember way back when I worked on puzzles with my daughters and it was always fun My bride-to-be daughter Arielle still loves doing puzzles and the best fun is when we get to do one together  #puzzles   #funwith   #yourkids   #wholesomefun   #doittogether   #togetherness   #parenting   #summers   #in   #maine 
  • The Tastemaker Milans grande dame Rossana Orlandi is campaigning for
    The Tastemaker Milan’s grande dame, Rossana Orlandi, is campaigning for change by presenting an exhibition of her ‘Guiltless Plastics’ initiative. It’s a project that aims to challenge the design community to use recycled plastic bottles in new and inventive ways. The exhibition titled ‘Ro Plastic Master’s Pieces,’ features the work of Nika Zupank, who created the ‘Tic Tac Clock’ upholstered in a fabric made from recycled plastic bottles and embroidered with yarn (also from recycled plastic). Also featured are works by Brodie Neill and his ‘Flotsam’ bench. See the show  @museoscienza   #milan   #rossanaorlandi   #loveher   #inspiringwoman   #recycledplastic   #makeart 
  • The Before Shot on the perimeter of my enclosed vegetable
    The Before Shot ~on the perimeter of my enclosed vegetable garden, another garden is in the works~ Spring is here, so let the garden fun (and chores!) begin I’ll post progress reports over the next few months  #thenookny   #priscillawoolworthphotography   #hudsonvalleyny   @greenamerica_   #climatevictorygardens   #growfood   #pollinatorgarden   #compost 
  • United NationsNYCApril 11 It was wonderful to be a part
    United Nations/NYC/April 11 It was wonderful to be a part of this awesome group of women at the Women’s International Forum “Leave It Better Than We Found,” a panel on the role of women, parents and youth in developing effective climate solutions for the coming generations. Thank you  @deartomorrow  for the invitation Stay tuned for an upcoming blogpost!  #ourkidsourclimate   @unitednations   #repdonnabullock   #ngedikesolaiuludong   #vanessahauc   #jillkubit   #ginamccarthy   #julianebognerstraub   #laticatomasickickert   @womensinternationalforum   @our_kids_climate   @cleanairmoms   @agn3s   #sac1 

To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival

~ Wendell Berry

Welcome to the Almanac Newsletter, an e-quarterly in which each issue celebrates innovations in Sustainable and Innovative Designs, Game-Changers who are creating and inspiring positive change, Eco Films that entertain and enlighten, Artists and Authors who are inspired by nature, Plant Based Recipes, a monthly Organic Gardening Calendar, as well as empowering readers to become informed consumers, by turning their purchasing power into a powerful tool for change. Attention is given as well to a Group or Organization that endeavors to arrest, contain, or reverse environmental damage and preserve our natural world for future generations.

As the public becomes increasingly aware of global warming and the unhealthy repercussions of heedless consumption of environmentally harmful products, people are more and more choosing to commit to greener, healthier lifestyles. We are all learning how to make conscious choices that reduce our use of natural resources and ideally serve to protect and sustain them.

Welcome also to my book titled LOLA, Lots of Love Always, which is aimed at young women but is a good read for everyone. It shows how to live a sustainable lifestyle and make healthy choices that are good for you and the planet at large. You are welcome to read the LOLA Blog, which has been archived on my site.

~Invest in the future by taking care of the present~

Priscilla Woolworth

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