Noah Purifoy

Noah Purifoy
May 30, 2015 Christina Mullin

Noah Purifoy (1917-2004) was a visual artist and sculptor, co-founder of the Watts Towers Art Center, and creator of the Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum located in Joshua Tree, California. It was at this location that I took the images featured in this post. Located on 7.5 acres of open land, it was astonishing to see over one hundred works of his assemblage art on display! Purifoy, who created his work from found objects, was interested by the impact harsh desert conditions would have on his pieces, and the role nature plays in the history of an art piece, arguing that “changes are an integral part of life itself.”

If you are in Los Angeles or planning on being here between June 7th and September 27th, 2015, stop by his show at The Los Angeles County Museum of Art where his work will be temporarily relocated to the museum for the show Noah Purifoy: Junk Dada

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