First Carbon Neutral prefab house

First Carbon Neutral prefab house
March 28, 2015 admin

Australia’s first carbon-positive prefab house produces more energy than it consumes because the solar panels on its roof are so efficient. Currently on display in Melbourne’s City Square, the 800 square foot contemporary designed structure boasts airtight indoors to lock in cool air and keep Australia’s intense heat out. Some of the eco-friendly features include a green roof for added insulation; a set of sliding vertical garden walls that shade and cool the building in the summer (plants also clean the air); rainwater recycling; energy-efficient appliances and sustainably sourced materials for the cabinetry. Though the space is rather compact, it does feature one bedroom and a bathroom, a kitchen with an open plan dining area and a sunroom.

What this house manages to do is show us that it is possible to build a structure that is beneficial to humans and to the planet.

See more images of the structure, visit here.