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    Summer Almanac

    Learn about innovative businesses, entertaining and enlightening movies, inspiring books, artists, gamechangers, and organizations that are all involved in some way in helping to sustain our environment and its precious resources.

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    The Cabinet of Green Curiosities

    Welcome to my new Almanac feature - The Cabinet of Green Curiosities – a selection of fascinating and unusual nature-related phenomena. I hope you'll be amazed and enlightened by these remarkable examples of nature’s ingenuity.

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    LOLA (Lots Of Love Always) is a book for young women about how to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and make healthy choices. Filled with colorful graphics and a wealth of tips, recipes, remedies, and inspiring anecdotes, LOLA deals with what young women really need to know to lead happy, productive, and fulfilling lives.

You can change the world by what you buy

The act of shopping has become a powerful way to express personal responsibility for consumption, and to participate in collective action to reduce our carbon footprint, and arrest a slide into irreversible climate change.

We don’t have to sacrifice style and comfort to help save the planet. My online eco-store specializes in green products and supplies. My goal is to provide a selection of eco-friendly goods that are practical, well-designed, and affordable, and that promote an overall sense of well-being for the individual, the home, and the planet. I will never sell anything I wouldn’t use myself, and that’s a promise.

Just as I launched the online store dedicated to goods that inspire mindful consumption, I felt an urgency to introduce strategies and DIY earth-friendly projects, organic gardening, and resources for “going green” in an Almanac Newsletter. As I continue to discover innovative ways to turn our homes into chemical-free, non-toxic, energy-saving, water-saving, and healthier environments to live, I share the most valuable information through links, my blog and my Almanac. I hope I can inspire visitors to experience the deep and profound satisfaction that choosing to use green products will help make our world a better place for our children.

-Priscilla Woolworth

What’s New

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    Warm Grain Bowl

    I have made this recipe so many times and enjoy it every time. It’s never exactly the same, because some of the extra ingredients I like to add aren’t always in season.

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    Not all salt is created equal

    The oceans are so polluted with plastic waste, which has been found in the salt that is harvested. The highest amount of micro-plastics is found in sea salt.

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    Home Water Filter

    Water Fall includes everything you need to filter and create pure, great-tasting water for your entire family.